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Who has a home gym? What does it take?

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  • Who has a home gym? What does it take?

    Alright, so ive been thinking about this home gym thing for quite a while. Ive got a garage, ive got a dad willing to build an extension and i got quite a bit of money for equipment aswell.

    So what does it take.

    Has anyone got a home gym? And how much space do i really need to fit in all the equipment.

    Ive got a list of stuff i'd require for it. And ive just been looking around at equipment pricing.

    Any thoughts?

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    Sorry, couldn't resist, lol


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      thats jus wrong.

      i was talkin about gettin proper equipment to the point where i'd have standing calf raise, seated raise, dip station, leg press, hack squat, decline bench. basically everything.


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        I just had a very nice setup that I sold (I go to a commercial gym and needed the room)
        I had a Parabody Power Rack (squats, deads, benches, military, rack pulls, etc..) with the Lat Pulldown Low row (rows, pulldowns, tricep push) it had a chin bar, chins, reverse chins
        A Parabody Inc/flat/decline bench with leg ext & preacher attach
        500lbs of olympic weights
        Aside from this, for a full workout, I'd suggest a leg press/hack, and Body Solid makes a kickass calf block squat block.
        It's not cheap and I would not use the squat block, but the calf portion is worth the money alone. It is a quarter circle shape so you have full contact through the entire ROM.

        You could also go with the Bodysolid Monster rack/smith combo and get pretty much everything.
        You'll need good dumbbells, I use standard plate, spinner type handles (threaded so the plates won't drop on my head doing pullovers)
        Get some ab straps for leg raises and you've pretty much got the ability to do everything a commercial gym can do.
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          asim, I have this buddy of mine who was telling me he has everything in his garage, DBs from 5-100s, BB, Benches, older Smythe, couple of leg machines, even a pulley system for cable crossovers, lat pulldowns and rows, I told him that he will need more equipment but nope I was wrong, for this program of course.

          Well now he has two memberships at local gyms due to his own gym just not quite cutting it for exercises when he tops out or just having enough equipment for the three exercises for each bodypart...
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            I have one in my garage rarely use it once a week.
            I assembled it 5 years ago when I had to work rotating shifts.
            It consists of a complete Ironmaster 1000 system.
            2 sets of quick change dumbells with 120lb add on kits.
            thickhandled dumbell bars from Ironmind can hold 220 lbs each.
            1000 lbs of free weights assorted
            2 olympic bars
            an olympic short staright bar
            EZ curl bar
            Olympic tricep bar
            Seated Calf machine
            Powerrack with chin bar
            2 adjustable benches
            t-bar row
            Neck harness
            Safety Squat bar attachment
            iron mind power grippers-captains of crush
            Shoulder horn
            set of regular olympic and standard bar adjustable dumbells-plate loaded.
            A bunch of rubber floor mats and weight trees collars and pulley handles attachments etc.

            I busted out a work out in it Saturday and imagined I was Ronnie Coleman as he said in his video "It's a 100 degrees in here!".
            It's in my garage and hot humid and musty in the summer and cold and musty in the winter...but I love it.
            I just need a leg press and hack squat and I'll never leave home again.

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              hey thanks for all the info guys.