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Funny green tea story...

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  • Funny green tea story...

    With all of the green tea threads that have been started in the last 2 days... I thought I would add my own...

    Thursday I had made up a gallon of green tea and put it in my gallon water jug that I always bring to work - and needless to say it looked like I was carrying around a gallon jug of piss... got a lot of comments from my co-workers on that one...
    So it is getting toward the end of the day and I was working with a patient out in our gym area - she was working on a cable machine, so I headed over to the "note writing area" to grab a quick drink... I picked up the jug and the patient looked over and had this look of confusion on her face - so I popped the top and took a big drink of it... she looked like she was about to puke - and said "OH my god, what are you doing!??!?" I told her "I like to recycle - don't want all my expensive suppliments to go down the drain!" She was pretty freaked out for a while - it was great!

    Okay, reading over that - it was much funnier in person - but what the hell... discount code: AAL229 saves you 5%

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    LMAO.... I hope you let her off the hook. That's nasty
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      Hey just a tip to you and everyone

      If your green tea is looking a lot like piss then your making with too hot of water.

      Green tea is not like black earl grey tea's, onyl use half hot water and half cold water, the tea will come out looking green.

      I do this all the time, and its a tip I picked up from my co worker here, whos a huge tea fan.
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        i mentioned that in another thread creator, cooler water is better
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          Thanks for the tip

          I did tell her it was tea after a she started looking like she was going to run out the door halfway through her appointment

 discount code: AAL229 saves you 5%

          Feel free to PM me with injury questions - I'll get back to you soon as I can.