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  • Well it happened

    In week 7 of a bast, and last night was 1st time i didn't kill the log book, i must say when your going along really well, i was surprise, that i just didn't have it yesterday, could be i had to train at night this week, but more likly the fact that I am in week 7, i have a 2 week cruse planned starting friday anyhow. Then Aug 1st i start into my contest prep.

    I am VERY please with how it went, i am 246lbs which is up from about 235-237lbs, at this stage of the game gaining about 1 lbs per week is crazy! I also didn't gain much fat, which is key for me. My strenght also has gone crazy, as example, incline barbell at start i may have done 315 for 1-2 reps, last two days of using it, 315 for 14RP. All my other lifts had similar gains.

    What i have learned for me next time i think 6 week blast, for me it's better to finish strong they drop off a bit at end.

    I am looking forward to starting my dieting, and will post some pics at the end of the week, I didn't take any before pics, but many ppl have noticed the gains which is good. I am also sticking with the training during the dieting. I always have problems going flat, and with some diet changes and lower volume i think i have a much better chance of that not happening this time around.

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    Good to hear fox, good luck with the contest and keep us updated

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      silverfox, that is a significant strength gain bro. 1-2 reps with 315 to 14 reps. Very nice!!!
      "Well done is better than well said"



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        that is incredible 315 for 1-2 now 14rp. simply amazing
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