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  • Losing weight?

    A few weeks ago, I got a job as a prep cook for Texas Steakhouse (a steakhouse chain that ranges from NC to VA). Prior to that, I had no problems gaining weight or strength, eating 400-425 grams of protein @ a lean 200 lbs. I work anywhere from 50-60 hrs a week (will change when classes start back up) and, since starting the job at 205 lbs, my weight has fluctuated from 200-205 lbs. (I normally don't step on the scale so often but I wanted to see how much grub I was actually taking in). My protein count has gone from the 400-425 gram range to 500-550 grams. For curiosity's sake, I totalled up my calories from the past few days and I average 4750-5000 cals. It's weird, because I've got the normal bloating/extended belly yet I'm losing weight. Never thought being in a steakhouse 60 hrs. a week would cause one to lose weight. Go figure. Obviously, I must be expending a lot of energy at work and need to eat more. But my question is, is it safe for me @ around 200 lbs to consume 550 grams of protein, or should I keep the protein down in the 400s and consume more carbs and fats?

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    I'd just say eat more in general, especially more carbs though.


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      how hot is it in your kitchen? how much do you sweat? are you taking in enough water to compensate? could be that you're light on the amount of water your body normally carries.

      i've worked kitchens before where it was common to drink 2 gals of water on work days to keep myself properly hydrated.


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        It gets to be pretty hot in there, humdawg. I do sweat quite a bit and, while at work, I haven't been drinking as much water as a normally would. Thanks, great suggestion!