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Military Bodybuilding.

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  • Military Bodybuilding.

    If you diddnt know im in the ARMY. Its Hard to get "Huge" because we have to Run Quite a Bit so im constantally finding myself Leaner and Smaller than i Want to Be.

    I have wanted to do a Competition but been wavering between wanting to get HUGE and needing to be Cut to Compete.

    So the Plan i have came up with is to just DC It Up!! (Bulk like all HE%%) and then just Cut When i reach My Goal Weight (225 Gotta keep It Realistic for now) and Do a Competition Then. I May even End Up Heavier??

    With that said im gonna Eat.

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    Originally posted by wildman536
    If you diddnt know im in the ARMY.
    With that said im gonna Eat.
    Look Bro, you could have said that before

    Troponin Athlete

    Lana's EggWhites "Get Hard, Stay Hard"


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      Yea, seriously. That's kind of an important factor. No wonder you were losing muscle and fat...


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        i know What i have to Do Now!!