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Returning to DC after 6 years!

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    Have you had a pec tear before?
    "This sport is about extremes - using weights you havent used previously, taking in amounts of food to build greater muscle mass-in amounts you never have done previously, & doing the cardio to keep you at an acceptable offseason training bodyfat that keeps you happy." Dante

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      No my pec hasn't torn before....I'll let everyone know. I was born almost 4 months premature, I think at 24 weeks? I weighed 1 lb 13oz. The pec scar that goes from the center of my chest all the way to my arm pit is supposedly from my lungs collapsing 4 times and from having to repair a "hole" so to speak in my heart. I was always told I had a "hole in my heart".
      So that is why you see the scar across my chest. In the photoshoot pics I weighed in at 190-192lbs...
      Personally, I think I just need more thickness, my upper chest/tie ins, my hamstrings, my outer thigh sweep, my lower lats and lower back are where I need the most that seems like a lot haha


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        Originally posted by BigPete84 View Post
        Now, my question is, how is someone supposed to pick what exercises to do, which are the better choices, which are the best etc etc etc?
        I loved how David henry did his workouts, but would just like a description of his workouts, how there done, the rep scheme and the exercises.
        Also, would love alternatives....I guess a lot of that would depend on what is available in your gym?

        So I would love some feedback on exactly how to train Doggcrapp again and the different variations, diet/nutrition, etc all the things I would need to know.

        Peter Rusted

        As far as exercise selection, you wanna pick exercises that will allow for the optimal strength progression. Example: military press vs db side laterals. Your gonna push more weight with the mp. That equals more to gain. Compound movements are golden in this program but you still have to have variations and other options because you eventually stall on an exercise and have to switch it out for another one. I am just giving you some quick info but you're gonna have to read the stickies until you know the program inside out. Once you study the program and grasp it, you just have to jump in and do it. You almost have to develop a strategy as to place what exercises where and when in your blast. And yes, your gym has to have a good amount of options to do dc. You basicly have to do your homework first before asking questions. It's all laid out for you in the stickies. The veteran members on this board have put a lot of time and energy into the stickies and have said everything like a broken record til blue in the face, so dont take offense if people get pissed at you if you ask a question that is garaunteed to be answered already in the stickies. Hope this helps.


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          Originally posted by homonunculus View Post
          Dave and I (I'm the other guy in that video) have been training with the 2 way split now for the past few months since the Olympia last year. Dave's at his all time largest.

          Two-way split (which is a three day a week program) is the way to start and the best way to gain muscle mass all over.

          Scott, Thank-you for sharing that! I think it's important for the guys to see that even the most advanced trainees often revert back to what many consider the 'beginners DC training' but what is, in actuality, the most effective offseason mass DC training.


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            did i read that right? 2 or 3% bodyfat?

            2008 Mr. Indiana Heavyweight Champ


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              Originally posted by joshb View Post
              did i read that right? 2 or 3% bodyfat?
              Good question. Calipers, I'd guess.

              Regardless, Pete, you whipped yourself into very good condition!

              If I were you, I'd start back with the 2-way split, MWF, T TH S or what-have-you. You are a good bodybuilder but, IMHO, your recovery at 24-25 y.o. and current size would allow you to best progress on the 2-way. When you reach Dave's level, you'll know it and will be able to fine-tune things as he's done.


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                Originally posted by BigPete84 View Post
                Dr. it's an honor! It was a thrill to watch both yourself and David in the video!
                I was told to post some pictures, so I'll post some pictures from my first show in 2004, in which I dieted 10 months out from a weight of 260lbs to being onstage at 185lbs. I was 20yrs old(turned 20yrs old 3 days out). In this show I won the Junior Division and placed third in the lightheavyweight class.
                I'm posting one from onstage and another was a before and after from 260lbs and 200lbs at 2 weeks out. I've lost a lot of pics over the years...
                Great work, man!!! Hell of a transformation, Pete.

                Originally posted by SuperD View Post
                Scott, Thank-you for sharing that! I think it's important for the guys to see that even the most advanced trainees often revert back to what many consider the 'beginners DC training' but what is, in actuality, the most effective offseason mass DC training.

                No problem. I've mentioned it a few times now and will continue to do so. Toss that factoid around all you like, my man.

                The Book Has Arrived!
                The Book Has Arrived!

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                  Alright boys and girls....did my first official "welcome back" workout today.
                  I did Chest/Shoulder/Tricep?Back.

                  Chest- Low Incline Smith Press
                  Shoulder- Power Rack Seated Front Press
                  Triceps- Floor EZ bar Skullcrushers
                  Back Width- Wide Front Pulldowns(palm facing in)
                  Back Thickness- T-Bar Rows in the corner

                  Mentally of course I felt I could and should do more, but that will just be temporary as I work back into "DC mode" I'm sure. I wasn't quite sure of the weights, but for Chest I got a total of 18 reps, Shoulder was 17 reps, Tricep was 11 reps and Pulldowns were 19 reps and the T-bar was a set of 12 trying to stand as upright as possible....

                  Of course adjustments need to be made in weights, but that will come.

                  My plan for Wednesday is Forearms/Biceps/Calves/Hamstrings/Quads

                  Forearms- Hammer Curls(should I do RP or straight set?)
                  Biceps- Barbell Drag curl (RP)
                  Calf- Seated Calf Raise(4 min straight set equal to 12 reps)
                  Hamstrings- Lying Leg curl(RP)
                  Quads- Barbell Squats(set of 6 and a widowmaker of 20....right? lol)


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                    hows Dc going bigpete? w

                    yeah you have to up the intensity on this program as you know(while using precise form or you risk injury) and cut the volume stuff. On the two way doing that many bodyparts is plenty enough. Listen to your body!I'm in the same situation your were in with modeling. Having to stay cut up, even if you don't want to because it pays to do so and when its my only way of money at the moment(other than working shitty factory jobs). Its just something you have to deal with ehhh? Just when you you start to gain a couple pounds another "money opportunity" comes up and the only way to get the money is to look it. Everything has a price. Im doing what I want though. theres another guy named Wake on here that I think modeled or something and stayed cut.
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