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    Hey guys, a quick question about back thickness -

    I know that the workout with Deadlifts is done as 2 straight sets, does that rule apply to the other back thickness workouts (say Bent Over Barbell Rows and T-Bar Rows) as well?

    Or does the 2 sets only apply to deads, and the other back thickness exercises are just 1 set?

    I've spent the last couple of weeks re-reading Cycles for Pennies parts 1 & 2 looking for a hint but I'm not sure on the answer.

    Thanks for your efforts DC, I'm a hard gainer who now weighs a bit over 100kg lean (and clean) thanks to your generous info.


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    Nope, just deads.


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      I do a few good warmups and slaughter my back w/ a heavy ass set! Paying off!
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        Deads and Rack Deads we like to stick with two heavy ass sets and Bent rows and T-Bar Rows we go with a heavy brutal set of 12...
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          I was doing one straight set for my deadlifts up until now. I did an 8 and a 4 yesterday and it hurt. I actually got 5 for the second set cause i stepped back and looked at the weight after 4 reps and said. man that was easy. Lets do another.

          Movin on up.


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            Thanks for clearing that up guys