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Back in a big gym. DC'n it again!!!

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  • Back in a big gym. DC'n it again!!!

    We moved from one side of town to the other about a month ago. We were working out at a YMCA and it had just above the bare necessities needed to really DC train correctly, but it worked. This was the best option where we were because of our kids.
    Once we moved, we found the Y on this side of town won't take our 8 year old in the Child Watch because 8+ year olds are supposed to be in school. Well, we homeschool and work out during the day so that didn't work for us. We started looking at the other local gyms and found one that we thought was going to work (have worked out there for about 3 weeks now) but decided it didn't...just not enough equipment variety for our needs.

    So...yesterday signed up at 24Hour Fitness. Great gym, plenty of equipment, the staff is friendly and the kids love the Kids Club.

    Since we've been working out sporadically at best for the last 6 weeks, we are going through the motions of our DC workouts but we are going to ease back into it.

    1st rotation-straight sets to failure
    2nd rotation-rp sets (or straight sets for the appropriate exercises)
    3rd rotation-rp sets and statics and extreme stretching

    I'd rather ease back into it while getting used to all the new equipment than jump in and make mistakes. We're going to get as far as we can before the paid training with Dante starts (in September if all goes as planned).

    Was able to use a real Hack Squat machine today. LOVED IT!!! HATED IT!!! Great.

    Anyway, boring thread, I know. But we're excited as we can be so I thought I'd share.
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    Glad to hear things are working out for you and your wife Munster. It's always nice when you go from the bare minimum to an entire arsenal of weights at your disposal. I go through that same change when I go from home back to school, it opens up a load of new options.

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