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The Log book review

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  • In-Human
    LOL, that funny I look back on my old books from '90 and older and I almost laugh at the weights used then to what I am lifting now.

    You will become so strong on this program, it will scare you trust me...

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  • Creator_11
    started a topic The Log book review

    The Log book review

    On the weekend I was able to sit out on my patio and open my old log book I finished a few months back, just skim through the workout I had and the weights I did, and its amazing to look at workouts from Nov 2002 and then compare these lifts to what I have now, and I almost forgot what it was like to lift those weight back then, and how I wanted to lift more so bad. It was a great motivational tool, and I was able to clearly see what I have come from. :showoff:

    So IMO hold on to those old log books for a rainy day.