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I love dc training.

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  • I love dc training.

    sorry guys for wasting space, but i had to express just how happy i am that i have found this website, and especially this forum. for the last 8 months i have been spinning my wheels, ever since i tore my pec. before that i was making amazing gains. between march of 2003 and august of 2003 my bench press rocketed from 315lbs to 430lbs, my squat went from 485 to 630 for 2 reps, and my deadlift went from 500 to 580. also in this time i added roughly 40lbs to my weight while droppin 1-2%bf. this was all using a percentage training that was, as i remember it, very similar to the type of training dc has presented in the sticky post. however, in late august i tore my left pectoral major at the clavicle insertion, and opted not to have surgery right away. at that point i moved away from the extremely heavy training for fear of aggrivating my pec. however, i also completely forgot about the intense training i had been doing and moved over to volume training. the results of the volume training for the last 8 months have been mediocre at best. i was able to get back to within 20lbs of my previous body weight of 300lbs, but my bodyfat was also higher. then last monday i had surgery to repair my pec. i figured that the 3 months off would give me time to reevaluate my training and really put into perspective what i was doing. 2 months prior to surgery i started to cut down and was able to get down to about 15-16%bf and drop 40lbs. a few days ago i found this site and was amazed to read dc's article. i cannot wait to get back into the gym and go back to the intense lifting i had done prior to my injury. i can't express to the members of this forum how happy i am to have found this site. it has litteraly changed my life right now. dc. i owe you a huge thank you. when i read the sticky, lightbulbs started to go off in my head and all i could think was "this is amazing. he's telling me what i already knew about myself, but couldn't bring myself to understand." i only hope that this post brings across how thrilled i am to be hear and that i cannot wait to get back in the game and get back to the freak i was, not only that but become a bigger, stronger, more muscular freak. thanks guys. and thank you dc.

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    It's very hard for me to read when you do not use paragraphs etc....I made it as far as
    sorry guys for wasting space, but i had to express just how happy i am that i have found this website
    before I gave up.Looks like a good post though
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        LOL at FH, lazy bastahd.

        Leaddog, happy to hear your excited about the program bro, your gonna love it! Hope recovery is going well on your chest, tears are our worst enemy.


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          leaddog, Thats great to hear that, I mean bout the DC part and IM, sorry to hear bout the pec tear and I hope you take your time and heal up real good, cause you know this program is a tough one on your muscles and tendons with the intensity needed to gain as much mass as possible.

          So heal up and I want to hear about your training when all is good to go...
          "That damn log book"

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            sorry bout that fh. i'll work on it next time i post something with any length to it.