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Leg Soreness????????

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  • Leg Soreness????????

    Has anybody noticed a drastic reduce in leg soreness with the DC program? I used to not be able to walk with my old program. With DC il admit its a lot harder, and i cant walk for 20min after, but next day im fine. This is what iv been doin, maybe im not hittin it hard enough. ALTHOUGH, i been gettin a LOT stronger this way.

    400g protein a day

    Warm up with incriments of 25lbs til i reach 405.
    405x5 DEEP, rest 10sec, 405x1, Strip 2 plates 225x15-20
    2 sets of that with 5min rest between. Fall on floor when done and lay there for couple mins haha.

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    no no, that's not DC training. With squats, you do one of the following. For better gainers, you do a heavy set of 8 then an even heavier set of 4. For ones with legs lagging, you do a heavy set of 8 and then drop to a 20 repper. I was amazingly sore for a while leg training DCs way, but the soreness wasn't so bad after a while. Whenever I do legs I still get sore, though.


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      For me depends on the exericise. 20 rep squats make my legs hurt for a few days after. Leg presses dont hurt me as much.

      With stiff legged deads i cant train my hams again for like 7 days or so. It just continues to hurt.


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        All depends on your own recouperation ability, intensity and the duration of that exercise.

        Strangely enough your body can just about adapt to anything you do to it, thats why you must keep progressing with weight or reps every rotation so it does not get used to any load...
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          My legs are beaten to a pulp after my 20 repper but I am not sore the next day.

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            it sounds like conditioning...
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