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Co-workers eating. <<<shiver>>>

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  • Co-workers eating. <<<shiver>>>

    Where I work we can't really take a lunch break so the company buys our meals.

    We pick a menu from a wide variety of local restaurants, all select something and then fax in our order. Then we send a driver to go pick it all up.

    I can't get over what some of these people stuff into their holes. Carbs, carbs, sugar, carbs, trans-fats, bad saturated fats, hydrogenated fats, carbs, more carbs, fried carbs, deep fried carbs, baked carbs with fat toppings, carbs with gravy, carbs with...uugghhh!

    (Mind you this is at 6:30 - 7:30 pm) Now I know none of these people are watching their carb intake or have carb cut-offs, but come on!! The shit people eat.

    The day shift had Popeye's Chicken and left plenty in the fridge. So we, the evening shift, come in and get to pick at it. Me? I took a couple peices, peeled the fried carb layering off and ate the meat. The guy that sits next to me? He eats a thigh in 2 bites and then proceeds to eat 3 biscuits dipping every bit into gravy and washes it down with a Dr. Pepper. This is the same guy that drinks quite literally 2 pots of coffee each day. He doesn't eat hardly anything all day and stuffs himself on shit while at work eating the restaurant meal the company pays for. Then stops off on the way home from work every night and has at least 2 shots of whatever and 2 beers. Then does it all again the next day.
    The guy dislocated 2 ribs from his sternum last week sneezing!!!
    Oh, yeah. And, he smokes.
    And then he makes fun of me because I drink 2 protein shakes while at work and bring my own food to add to the meal the company buys us!
    You're freakin kidding me right???!!!

    Sorry. Had to go off.

    I swear, if it wasn't for boards like this, where I can mix with other people like me, I would go crazy.
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    You should see what the guy's eat here at the Firehouse. I watched this guy once toast a Bagel, microwave a dish with a stick of Butter on it, and then spin each Bagel half on the plate of melted Butter. I could hear his Arteries snapping as he ate them.
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      Welcome to America, land of opportunity adn really ignorant fat people. I will never understand why some people actually have the audacity to make fun of us for what we do. I'd probably flip if that guy made fun of me for drinking a shake instead of eating the garbage that he ate. I can't stand people like that. At my last job though, people actually didnt' have a problem with my eating habits. Sure, they'd get some really junky meal, but if I whipped out some chicken titties and rice they didn't givea shit and applauded me for 'eating healthy'. My boss was even asking me about things he could do to lose fat, and I taught him and he ACTUALLY did those things! Now, people don't pay attention so much to WHAT I eat but how much I eat of it lol.


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        That's mostly what I get too. Eating every 3 hours, I'm eating 3 times while I'm here. Most every body here is used to it by now, but this guy next to me just transferred in from another location.
        Mostly it's good natured ribbing, which is fine because I dish it out too. But this one time he was telling me how eating that much can't be healthy. I just shrugged it off. They'll never get it so why bother.

        There have been a few co-workers over the years that have asked serious questions and I've given them good advice. Mostly, they don't follow it because they are too lazy but sometimes they have.

        Still, it almost makes me sick to my stomach watching some people eat the things they eat.
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          i know What yall mean, At Work (im in the Military) we Have Going Away Parties, Pregnancy Parties, You Name It Parties. Where Theres a Potluck. Yesterday for Example: There was BBQ'd Brisket (Not too Bad) Gallons of Pepsi, A Dish of Meatballs Covered in Gravy, 4 Bags (4BAGS) of White Rolls, a CAKE hold on a CCAAKKEE!! (All of Which was Eaten) and Plenty of Other Fatty, Greasy, Sugared, Things.


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            What really sucks about where I live - Every social event for my age group and above is all based around BOOZE, CRAPPY FOOD and sometimes in certain situations drugs. People, even my family act like you CAN'T have a good time without those two or three things, actually some people really can't. A few weeks ago I was at a party and my mate’s sister was pissed off her tits having the time of her life, 2 weeks ago I was at an 18th at a hall and she couldn't drink. All night her and her friends just sat in the corner with long faces having less fun than watching paint dry. I'm not sure if it’s the same where you guys are but I'm sure it would be kind of similar. With my food and social habits, I do what makes me happy and fuck everyone else can die from a heart attack if they want. I've had a few friends try and shut me down but it’s easy to point out to them just how bad their lifestyle is and make them feel bad. You can be a fat, pathetic slob with no self esteem which I don’t object to as long as you don’t pull others down around you with the vacuum of your personally generated gravity. More so if you ignorantly eat and drink your way into our failing health system and take away from people who deserve to be helped, you should be left on the street outside the hospital fighting to survive until you slim down enough to breath at the same rate resting as a normal person would walking along, or die. :angry:
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              Where I work, I am fortunate to be able to get 4 of my 6 meals a day in.
              But unfortunately, I work with two of the fattest, nastiest guys who make fun of me for eating small, clean meals.

              They drink, smoke, and eat unhealthy like there is no tomorrow.
              I overheard one of them say once, that they wanted to start eating healthier. He went to McDonalds, and bought a salad. He then proceeded to put TWO super sized fries on top of the salad drenched in two packs of Ranch dressing. WTF?????????

              Of course I am the outsider. I just tell them fatasses they are just jealous.


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                I thought In-human had forgot his lunch again!


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                  Every day at work I get: "So what are you eating today? Tuna and a sweet potato again?" from the same person - and it drives me absolutely nuts! Of course at work I usually do eat a can or 2 of tuna and a sweet potato during my lunch break - but drives me nuts!
                  The hard part there is that patients always bring us in gifts of food - and 99% of the time it is cookies, cakes, pizza, donuts, bagels... and it is always sitting out in the back room where I keep my protein powder and other stuff - so when I go back there to mix up a shake I am bombarded with things that I really WANT to eat... takes a lot of will power! I did have one lady bring me in 3 cans of tuna and a sweet potato on her last day - that was pretty cool though!

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                    Great, now I really feel bad for pigging out yesterday.

                    My Supervisor loves to pick on me, especially my food. He asked me one day why I eat like I do. I said I'm not going to have a triple bypass like my mom did at 60+ yrs old. He said that's 20 yrs away.....oh, that's not that far away is it? {ha ha}

                    Others have made comments about food day & oh, you probably don't eat this or that.

                    But yesterday I had 2 small pieces of pizza then we went to this new buffet place. I was really good at first. There was a section for Mongolian BBQ or Hawain ___ (something) where you pick out your food & they cook it on a big wok. So I did that, pretty healthy. Then I went back for some seafood & chicken. Not bad. BUT, then I went back & broke down.....I got fried chicken in different ways {sigh}.....lemon pepper, hot & spicy, etc. And only 2 pieces of sushi. Oh, and then ice cream for dessert.

                    I'm sooo ashamed. :o
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                      blah dont worry about it KRL. if you eat clean most of the time a little junky treat once and a while is no big deal. its eating that crap every day that will get you
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                        you guys are making me hungry.


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                          "Can I have a double whopper with cheese, and fries- supersized, with DIET coke please" -- unknown


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                            Originally posted by MikeyG
                            "Can I have a double whopper with cheese, and fries- supersized, with DIET coke please" -- unknown
                            at least they left The Sugar Out.