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Less than 8 Weeks!

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  • Less than 8 Weeks!

    OK now I'm actually feeling it... the anxiousness that I'm actually going to do a national show. I didn't think I would have ever be doing it. Here are some comparison photos from 10 weeks out until now to show you the difference in weeks. The extra cardio is taking effect but feeling more flat and weaker in the gym but I know you have to enter this state to get down low enough in fat. Yesterday I was uncanny strong for some reason so maybe my body is adapting to the cardio and my strength came back a bit.

    Skip has me eating only 1.5 pack of flavored oatmeal after training. I train 3 or 4 days a week. The rest is fat and protein.

    Sometimes I feel behind schedule because a friend who is competing is already good enough to enter a contest. I'm not there yet so I think it will be easier to surprise people from here on in when I do become ripped.

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    Looking awesome as always, SB. It's cool to see the progression like that


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      Thanks Allen!

      Ok i lightened up the pics. So they appear more clear.


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        back shot!!!


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          abs shot....


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            Yo Silverback ma' Brotha? What are you trying to do? Scare away all the would be competitors? DAMMMN looking mighty Thick 'n large. Im gonna see what I can do to keep your ass up in the snow and not be able to get a green card! You're all I need to see on the same stage as me! (YIKES!)! In all seriousness> Bro ,youre looking like a paid killer! You go do your thing!
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              Awesome Silverback.
              Your Quads really stand out in the latest pic's.
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                Monstereverything, If your Forearms get any bigger they will interfear with your Bicep development, wish I had your problem, as always looking great...
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                  You look awesome Silverback! This is exciting.
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                    Now if that ain't a motivation to keep on pumpin ....awesome! :showoff:
                    Never forget to lock your fridge! The INHUMAN one is near!


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                      Great job Silverback! Keep pushing.
                      Ain't Nuttin to it, but to do it!

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                        BigassBack, you can pose too that's really important. I'd just avoid the Ronnie Coleman grimace in the abs shot, lol!


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                          SweatMachine: Thanks bro! You know I am American also and can live and compete in US but I'm already up the ladder here. Paid Killer... I like that!

                          ChuckaZulu: I know the legs are starting to come up but they are very slow. They hold lots of water and fat more than anywhere else. That just means I have to ripped it up harder. I have this one on my right bi and tri that my gf thinks is sick. It's not sticking out that much in the pics but when they are pumped, they look like a gross Paul Dillet vien.

                          USMuscle9403: I'll take whatever part of Ronnie I can get. So if it's his cheesy grimace smile... I'll take it. I figured we have similar structures to our abs so why not.

                          RaulJimenez: I love the veins on the lats

                          The Munster, Grammostola, jrey: Thanks guys!


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                            alright who is putting up pics of a freak cartoon character ? that back double bi is insane !!!
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                              Dang! And you're what? 8 weeks out? Your rear dd bi is crazy! I'd be scared to get on stage and rumble with you!