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Introduction, f'ing new guy to DC training

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  • Introduction, f'ing new guy to DC training

    Hi, this is Jamie, and I'm proud to say that after a 6 week layoff due to a neck problem (actually, my right trap), I'm starting up with Dante.

    I live and work in NYC, am 30 years old, married, no kids.

    I lost about 14 pounds in 6 weeks after being out of the gym with the injury, despite taking in close to 400 gs of protein a day, leaving me at about 222 lbs on a 6'2'' frame (long arms).

    Its become clear to me after reading this board for a while that I have alot to learn. I hope to be able to contribute with time, but for now I'm here for motivation.

    All the best,

    Jamie, aka Clemente

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    Welcome into this new and exciting world of mesomorphia.....
    (pronounced: Swet-Mow-Sheen)

    That which we manifest lies before us.


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      I hope so. I went alot of years in my life thinking I knew what was best. Its actually a relief putting yourself in someone else's plans. Of course, nobody else can lift the weights and put the food in your mouth, but it takes the guess work out.


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        Welcome man, I know we exchanged some e-mails awhile back if my mind is working correctly, you mailed me at work and I did the same with you, right?.

        Glad you are back from your injury and start your training with DC, you will love to hate it, enjoy yourself...
        "That damn log book" Highest quality protein at the lowest price...