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    I sometimes feel like I am not going hard enough. Case in point. Today was squats-Now I am not monster strong yet. But I did decide to make some big jumps from last times log.
    225X12 went to 245X8
    160X20+ Lost count went to 185X19 Now I fell forward on my last one. I probably had the strength for one or two more but lost my balance. However when all was said and done after the workout was over and I was walking up stairs my quads were not as blasted as I had hoped they would be. Am I not being ambitious enough with my weight? They are growing though so maybe I am just being paranoid. But after DC chastised me for having a mental barrier I feel like I need to go harder.

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    They are growing and yet your overthinking and overanalyzing things....the bottom line is they are did one workout with good jumps....string about 30 of those together over the next 10 weeks and tell me what happens. The day you do 405lbs for 20 reps let me know how easy it is to walk out of the gym
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      Sometimes I got that feeling too. Sometimes I could go up 40 lbs on squats AND get more reps, and would actually be able to walk outta the gym. Some days are just like that dude, I wouldn't get discouraged. Hey, if you're growing then you're growing. I know the feeling though, I hate being able to walk outta the gym on leg