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Need help, technique for all quad movements?

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  • Need help, technique for all quad movements?

    Ok heres the deal. I'm tired of screwing up my knees. After further assessing the problem i realise where im at fault. My technique when doing all quad movements is the problem. Its somethin which i never thought of a while back, but now it really needs some serious thought before i injure myself worse than im doing at the moment.

    Heres the fault. When i squat, leg press, hack squat i tend to bring my legs down then my knees go out. Now yall know that asking for an injury. Lateral movement is just gonna destroy my knees. Thats because when i go deep i cant actually get there without moving my legs out the way cause i have crappy achilles tendons which lack flexibility.

    What i'm wondering is, how can i correct this. And whats the proper technique for these movements?

    Should i go wider so that i can actually get deeper? Should my toes be pointin straight forward or outwards because of this? Should my feet be closer when leg pressing? What difference does all these positionings make on my leg development?

    Anything that u can tell me will be great. Thanks.

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    I have had problems with my knees in the past and have found squatting with a wider stance with the toes pointed out slightly seems to be a more natural movement for me with less pain. Also, if you are going heavy on squats and leg presses I would wrap your knees up for sure. On leg presses it seems to help keeping your feet as high as possible on the platform.

    Hope this helps
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      Pushing with the majority of the pressure on your heels as opposed the ball of your foot should help out as well. I am guilty of pushing with the weight toward the front of my foot unless I consciously make myself lift my toes up slightly to shift the weight back to my heel. Hope that makes sense.
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