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    Hey Guys

    I still have a few things I have questions on, as for leg training.

    When doing leg presses Dante suggested trying 50 rep leg presses, and see if your legs grow then.

    Sound very tempting, but how often do you guys use this technique, everytime you hit leg presses, or just once and awhile.

    My leg are very stong, as I've been a heavy guy all my life, and in the past I did a 4-10 rep straigh set with some rest pauses in my own training, but I am willing to try these 100% to keep my legs growin.

    Thanks -

    Also I have one question, how do I know what weight to start off with when doing these, just to give me a rough idea, I don't want to go too heavy not to complete, but also not too light.

    So if i can do say 1100 for 6 on the leg press what would be a good weight to try for 50 to start off with around.
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    Creator, You cannot do these all the time, unless you have super human recouperation ability.

    I would pick a weight that you can do 15-20 then go for 50, just try it once to see how your legs feel afterwards, it is not very easy to do.

    Its sort of a gauge to see where you legs are at and what kind of recoup you have...
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      Thanks In-Human

      One other thing was what general rep range should I follow when training legs, such as stiff-legged deadlifts, and leg curls, or front squats. 12-15?
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        Find a weight that you can do about 12 - 15 times.

        Then take 1/2 of that weight and try and straight set it for 50 reps.

        This is something I read by Dante a while ago. He said that everyone should be able to do it .. But only the ones with BALLS get it done.
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          tried doing those once. I got to 37reps and my legs physically wouldn't fire anymore. legs were fried
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            Okay, gonna add these in there for sure. Would these be done with a 6-8 second negative, or just a controlled negative?


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              Swellin, Hopefully you will keep them controlled, but after the 40th rep you may be dead, but try to keep your form and all the way to the bottom, hehe.

              But remember do not do these often, they will crush your recouperation, trust me...
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                Controlled...maintain strict form...throw these in on occassion, no more. Understood!


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                  How often can I do this? Once a month? Once every 2 months. Ive read it before in CFP but I havent tried it yet. Hope I have the balls

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                    Do it when legs falls before your two days off--because your going to need 2 days off trust me---I wouldnt worry much about controlling the negative--50 reps with heavy weight is brutal enough. And yes like IH said there is no way in hell you could do these all the time--once in a blue moon when your bored and want to put yourself in a wheelchair. The pain from these might even beat your hardest set of calves (with 20 sec neg)---the last time i did these I puked once on the drive home in a Boll Weevil parking lot and then once more when i pulled into my parking space--Theres a huge difference from doing 6 inches down and knee to armpits and you have seen me talk about that in the past. If your a 6 inch leg presser then dont waste your time with these. I have my legs wider on leg presses so my knees can come around my torso and go deep. At 30 its unbearable, but I keep knocking off 5's and taking a couple quick breathes--at 40 you are probably going to see stars and 45 to 50 will seems like its seriously life or death. It will take you an agonizing long time to not only get up off the leg press but 10 minutes to feel even a semblance of normalcy. My absolute best was 7 plates each side and it almost killed me--getting to 30 was everything I had and somehow I kept doing 5 more then 3 more then 2 more then a single upon single until i finally made it. Inhuman I believe beat that last month (7 and 1/2 plates IH?)---I havent done these in a couple years and trust me I dont look forward to doing it any time soon--im too heavy now and I breathe like a locomotive on 15 reps


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                      Haven't done a 50 repper in some time...I'm up to 11plates a side for my 20 repper and like you said those stop being fun after about 8 or 9 reps....So 7 and 1/2 plates is where the bars at huh guys?....
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