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Follow up to "overanalyzing" thread

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  • Follow up to "overanalyzing" thread

    Was a good read. Good information everyone should follow.

    I have been training a long time, i did take a break for about 8 years, 21-29 years old. But other than that be training since about 12.

    During that time i have tried all kinds of different routines/training programs.

    Here is what i have learned:

    Hard training = more gains, along with quaitly food, and lots of it. I am following DC training (on my own) with best results i have ever had since when i 1st started training. I never bought into if you do ba ba ba... you will have better peak. Look at your bicep as example it move your arm to you shoulder. Shape is determine by genitics peroid. Size is determine by how hard you can train it.

    Same for gear ( i live where personal amt of gear are legal, just illegal to buy or sell gear) So this would only apply to ppl where it's legal. I get asked a lot should i take this plus this, with this this and this... ba ba ba ...

    Guess what i figured out the hard way (of course)
    Test = test (only difference is how long it take to get in and out of your system). Simple cycles work best, start witha base of real test and add in one anabloic. Done bulk away. Does it really matter long term if it's deca/eq/primo.. .... not in my experince. Sure at contest time towards end other stuff helps somewhat, but I have never seen it make the difference for anyone.

    I guess my point is i learned most of this the hard way, trial and error, but for new ppl, simple will always work better. I have read boards since UG days 5-6 years ago and read all kinds of crazy stuff. The guys who are still around, did it the right way or have come around, simple eating, simple training, simple supplementing.

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    What? Are you too good for the Overanalyzing thread? lol j/k...

    By the way, where do you live where personal amounts are legal?


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      canada, and note what i said, illegal to buy or sell, but legal to pocess if personal amount. So your fine as long as it falls into your hands from the sky! Also illegal to import or export any amount. Also not a fenoly charge like in US.


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        i would assume canada. we can possess steriods, but if its deemed that we have enough to traffic, then its a fine, the same fine as selling tylenol 3 to a family member. no jail time for us, and prabably no community service either (depends on how shitty your lawyer is).