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    I know they sponsor this site and PM but I was wondering if any of you have used their products and what you thought of them. I don't use AAS so I thought I might try out something like their syntheselen and synthetine stacked(one's a metabolic booster and the other is a lipip transporter). As you can tell i'm on a quest to lean out right now before I start bulking hard again. Obviously they won't compare to AAS but that's not an options for me right now. If I used I would probably do site injects, just wondering if anyone had opinions... thanks guys


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    good stuff!
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      I hear only good things about their products. I've used the Synthpure protein and it is great.
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        Can anyone tell me the exact way to use the vasodilator. Dont plan on competing yet but when Im going to compete (2 years or so) I might want to consider this product.

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