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  • Good Bi exercises

    I have been using barbell curls but I find I am cheating way to much. Hard to tell if I got stronger or just cheated more. So i think I will drop them. What is some better Bicep exercizes with dc training.

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    You can keep doing Barbell curls.
    Try keeping your upper arm perpendicular to the floor. I had a shoulder injury ( actually it was a severe strain of the upper bicep tendon where it attaches in my shoulder ) several months ago while doing BB curls. I had to start doing BB curls this way and I seem to get a much better bicep pump with the strict form.

    Keep one thing in mind. you can't curl the bar up to shoulder level when your upper arms remain perpendicular to the floor. It almost seems like your doing half-curls, but you really are doing full range of just took your shoulder joint out of the motion.
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      sit on an inclined bench ( about 60 degrees) curl dumbells up simultaniously feeling the stretch from your pecs into your bi's
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        other good ones I like are:

        seated incline dumbbell curls
        cable preacher curls
        regular old preacher curls
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          Rugbythug, I do both exercises outlined by alpineslide and SweatMachine and love them both. I do barbell curls utilizing the same form as described by alpineslide. I have also done preacher curls utilizing both barbells and dumbells and find them to be very effective as well. Be sure you are emphasing the eccentric and stretch, then exploding on the positive.
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            I just tossed out Preachers with a BB. I now have EZ Bar Curls, Alt. DB Biceps Curls and Cable Curls.


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              im doing dumbells curls but dam does getting a set of 8 take a so much effort considering that really 16 total reps 8 on each arm..... it can be a long set lol im thinking of changing it to something i can get one rep in both arms like a barbell but i also found myself cheating and it become a front delt movement.


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                I just do curls....
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                  Preachers will help you stop cheating to an extent. Also, try putting your back up against the wall, so you aren't swinging your body.

                  Personally, I just do barbell curls. I put one foot in front of the other and lean forward, it helps in preventing me from cheating.

                  Also, for your next workout try lightening the weight a bit and going really slowly. I think if you're cheating your ego is probably getting in the way.
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                    yea thats a good point... i see that it becomes a front delt movement when my elbows start coming up and like alpine said above im not coming just with my forearms perpindicular i need to focus but your right it feels like your doin a half curl


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                      body drags--curl up and drag down the upper body on the negative--if you cant control it down then obviously your using too heavy of a weight--you can use that on barbell curls, ez curls, cable bar curls etc etc
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                        Peacher curls, spider curls, seated dumbell are good to isolate the bi's, for me i have to keep my shoulders from taking over so these help me with that.


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                          I do regular barbell curls, seated incline dumbell curls, but I also do an exercise which I believe is very effective for biceps. It is cable-curls lying on the floor with my feet up and against the mashine in a 90 degree angle. Then I pull the cable (cable attatched in the top position of the cable-cross-mashine) and to my forehead. I get a tremendeous pump from this.