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Dieting down, cardio question

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  • Dieting down, cardio question

    After a year of bulking on DC's routine, I have been dieting down following DC's advice he posted over on mayhem, keeping my protein high and just subtrating the carbs out. I do cardio like he suggests, everyday first thing in the morning except leg day. How many carbs do you guys think I should be taking in after the cardio session in the morning before my afternoon workout? I still do the standard 75 grams dextrose post workout which is the only carbs I have all day aside from greens. Thanks

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    Don't confuse a cardio workout with a weight workout. I wouldn't take any carbs for a couple hours after a cardio workout. Maybe some protein and definitely glutamine and/or BCAA's to deter any muscle catabolism. This way as your metabolism is heightened you will continue to potentially burn fat for a longer period of time as opposed to carbs that are immediately ingested.
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      If you find yourself completely depleted then add a small amount of carbs in after cardio maybe 25 grams or so (i.e. a half of a cup of rice or oats). If your fat loss begins to slow then drop these carbs for sure.
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        Thanks for the input, I have been doing a half cup of oats after the cardio but wasn't sure if I should increase it or not.