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Just wanted to say THANK YOU!

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  • Just wanted to say THANK YOU!

    Hey Guys,
    I just wanted to say thank you for letting me be a part of this forum.

    DC training is going great, my gains are up in weight and reps every workout so far.

    You guys are very motivational and helpful and it's great to be in contact with serious people, most of the bodybuilders around my area are such idiots it's sickening!

    Everyones first question when they see me or one of my clients training hard is what are you or they on? I haven't been on in years and most of my clients aren't either. I'm actually the smallest I've been in years people just assume because I'm training hard I must be on. When I try to tell them what my training is and why they think I'm lying about being on and don't want to hear it.

    Again I just wanted to say THANK YOU! And I will send Inhuman one forearm as soon as it's big enough! I would be sooooo embarassed if he sent it back because it didn't have enough meat on it.


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    Welcome aboard, sammysdad. I agree, its great to be part of such a helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly forum. Being part of the best bodybuilding forum, not to mention utilizing the greatest training method I've ever seen, is a great feeling.


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      sammysdad, It is nice to come to a board and actually learn something and help others that you know will use it and get something out of it, most boards are just full of anger, hate, flamming and just nonsense, but this board is different, lotsa great people here, and I am thankful for all of them.

      Make sure that Forearm is at least 17" in diameter or you must send both, got it, lol...
      "That damn log book" Highest quality protein at the lowest price...


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        I can't spare both and I'm not sure what it measures.....Now do I stop DC training and let it shrink down before I take the measurement, or if it is 17" do I send it and try and continue my training one armed? Can I send someone elses? There's this guy in a one peice striped leotard doing reverse curls in the power rack with 55 lbs that probably won't miss his......I'll send his calf's too. Will that work?


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          sammysdad, LOL, only this one time will I make an exception, ship it...
          "That damn log book"

 Highest quality protein at the lowest price...