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Anabolic Extreme article on post-workout nutrition

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  • Anabolic Extreme article on post-workout nutrition

    I was wondering if any of you had read that article and what your thoughts were on it. In the article, the author advises against using dextrose and/or maltodextrin post-workout, stating that as time goes on, larger quantities will be needed to get the desired effect due to decreased insulin sensitivity in the muscles. Instead, only complex carbohydrates are recommended. The author feels that , over time, a greater amount of muscle will be built through the ingestion of solely complex carbohydrates as opposed to refined carbohydrates. Personally, I have not felt this to be the case- I have found that the combination of both refined and complex carbohydrates in the post-workout period is be extremely effective, with no diminishing returns. However, some bodybuilders swear by the ingestion of solely complex carbs post-workout. What are your thoughts/experiences on this?

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    Hmm...interesting. But I have had great success with dextrose immediately post workout along with my whey, then complex carbs and more protein 30-60 mins later. If it ain't broke, don't fix it lol. While we are on the subject, here's one from AST...


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      USMuscle9403, I agree completely and follow an identical protocol. I've read the "The Anabolic Nutrient Timing Factor" article before...good reading.


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        I wonder how fast insulin sensitivity occurs? By this guys estimate one meal 4 days a week will cause it. I highly doubt that-but I have no proof.

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          The article was written by RippedUp2.
          He is a knowledgeable & well respected guy.
          Whilst some of the points he makes seem plausible I choose to take in dextrose for PW for the insulin spike and anabolic benefits.
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            I know I pounded tons of candy and chips in my earlier years and my insulin sensitivity is fine. I doubt one dextrose shake 3 or 4 times a week is going to downgrade my insulin sensitivity.
            I do not condone the use of anabolic steroids or any illegal drug, any information discussed is for educational purposes only.

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              bigp3, I agree on that one...
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                Something interesting to me is his comment about resistance training not using up much glycogen storage.....but that aerobic activity depletes glycogen stores.

                That doesn't sound right to me.

                I have always been taught that weight training is anerobic-hence it uses glycogen for energy. The glycogen used is stored in the liver...the muscle glycogen supposedly is one step away (or more) from actually being ready to be burned as fuel.

                Aerobic excercise supposedly burns more fat that anything....

                Maybe homonunculus can shed some light on this...he is the metabolic guru to the 25th power.
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