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    I know that DoggCrapp outlined how to do some stretches in another thread.

    But I also know that some of you have made up your own stretches that you find are better for "you".

    Anyone want to share some other stretching options?

    BTW, I never realized how important stretching was until I started this program. It is by far the most painful (in a good way) portion of this program. 20 secs has me sweating buckets and by the end of 60secs I have a hard time keep the profanities from slipping out. My post workout soreness is minimal and I think that this stretching has a lot to do with it (fast recovery)!

    So who wants to share some new stretches with us?
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    There are two that I have personally changed and those are the tricep stretch and the quad stretch.

    For the tris I had to change something because my gym has the dumbells with the big ass plates on them so it is hard to get the heavier weights behind my head. What I have done instead is put my arm in the same position as I would if I was using the weights. I have my workout partner push on my elbow and pull down on my wrist at the same time if that makes any sense. This works really well and I feel I get a great stretch this way.

    The quad strectch is the other one I have changed. What I do is to put the bar low enough on the squat rack to get my foot up over it directly behind my ass. I then begin to lean backwards holding my leg in place until I get a nice stretch on my quad. Other than these I have stuck with what DC has told me.
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      I'm too new to have any good stretches of my own, but I'll second your thoughts on how much it helps. The added flexibility I already feel in my arms is great. Look forward to some good posts in this topic...


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        Easto, Trust me, you will hate DC's guts sometimes in these workouts when doing the exercises and stretches, but the in a few weeks you will look at yourself in the mirror, and know he is the best thing you have come arcoss in your life of lifting...
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          Another quad stretch that I do is I put my knees under my quads while I'm on the ground. I then lie back as far as I can possibly go, stretching to go further all the while. I hope that wasn't too confusing.


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            bigp3, that is the way I do the quad stretch.

            Do any of you have any other ways to do a back stretch? I tried to hang from a bar, but I feel most of the stretch in my chest and armpit. But if I hold a bar with one hand, I can manipulate my body, so I feel the whole lat stretching and it burns prety bad.
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              I think this is dc's quad stretch but It took me a while to actually figure it out.

              I take a bench and stick it in a squat rack. Put one foot behind you with the heel of your shoe up. Place the top of your foot on the bench. Grasp the squat bar in front of you and lean back over your leg. This hurts! plus it stretches the whole quad others were hitting just one area or another.

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                For lower back I grab the chin bar and kick my feet up between my hands and put them on the bar as well. People look at me funny, but I get a great stretch.