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  • Calves

    I workout at home. I use pretty much all free weights. I have a lat pulldown which is plate loaded but I don't have any of the fancy stuff you find in gyms. For calves I have been holding a 45 lb plate in one hand and doing calf raises on the stairs. It's okay and I can go deep but it's not very much weight. Does anybody have any suggestions for me for a better way to train calves? I may get a calf raise machine for my birthday this summer (knocking on wood) but in case I don't...

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    There is no way you can get to a gym?


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      I used to belong to a gym but I rather train at home. I've got lots of weight, a good bench, olympic plates and bar. I can easily do all compound movements at home it's just calves that are lacking a bit.

      Maybe a lame excuse but I don't earn much money (I'm in the educational field )and I just bought a house. I've spend quite a bit on my home weight room. If I can avoid buying a calf raise machine I will. That's why I asked


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        you could probably do calf raises with the bar on you back like a squat.. place some plates on the floor and do raises of of that ,, umm you can also place the either a 2x4 or (again) some plates sit on the bench , place a bar loaded with plate across your lap (might want to invest in something that will protect it from grinding into your lap) and do seated raises, just some ideas
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          Good ideas mobsta, that's what I was going to post as a solution


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            ya bro when you work out at home and have limited tools,, gotta bust an maguyver..
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              I'll try the seated ones first. Thanks. Last thing I wanna do is lose my balance while standing with a shitload of weight on my shoulders and trying to get on my toes


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                Also don't forget the backpack idea.

                Once I was doing two 45's for seated calves at home, my exgirlfriend's son was gonna help me strip off the first 45 and I was gonna continue on with the last 45, well, I had them sitting on a towel on my knees and when he took the first 45, the second one followed, right on his toes, poor kid. I felt really bad about that one.

                ain't it the shit? Just wait til you guys/gals see some of the strength jumps lol..and the size you put on!
                Good luck


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                  Backpack is also a good idea, thanks.

                  I've been reading your posts for a couple weeks now I guess and my appetite has increased


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                    You can try using pails full of water or sand. I used that a lil while ago..
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                      bax, Do you Squat at home?, then keep that bar on your back and stand on a 4x4 or taller piece of wood and go for it in a standing position, just like you were using the Smythe for this exercise...
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                        If your afraid of falling over in the standing position do it in the power rack (if you have one) leaning slightly into the rack and let the bar slide up and down the uprights. My buddy actually stands in his doorway and leans the plates against each side and lets them roll up and down the wall like a big set of wheels. Sometime he holds it infront of him like in a deadlift and sometimes behind his legs like an old time hack squat and sometimes on his shoulders like a squat. He has great calves and actually said he feels these more than the traditional machines. However, I'm sure once he gets married his wife will make him paint the walls and put an end to his calf routine -lol.