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    Is it the weight thats the measure or the time limit the thing?-in other words,do you start with about 70% of your max and work up to the 60 seconds or do you start with what you can hold for 60 seconds and then increase the weight over time??-Referring specifically to chest stretch-Thanks-PS-when starting DC style should one be the sorest he's ever been and/or so tired that I can't stay awake after training-I sure love the change but damn-no wonder few people train at this level:showoff:
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    I personally start with what I can use for 60 sec. and then gradually increase the weights. I can now use 44 pounds for the chest stretch for 60 sec.

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      I started off with a weight i thought i could get for 60. I got 30, 40, 50 and today i finally got 60. Now i'll move the weight up and try for 60 again. Really hurts.


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        SHIT!! I'm never anywhere near 60! I'm lucky if I get 30! protein around!!


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          the chest stretch is by far the most painful.
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            Well when you start off the first time you will need to find your weight, once you hit 60 move up at least 5 lbs, til you hit 60 then move up again, of course during the cruise I drop each one to 80% of max, then at the new blast I need to work my way back up...
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              Do you guys feel that chest stretch in the shoulders? Im sure you do. Ive got strained rotator cuffs, so its a pain in the ass. I can feel the shoulders just go. Then when i let go of the weight shoulder movement is limited for about 10 seconds.


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                Once my stretching weights began to climb, I occasionally felt some stress on the shoulders as well. While on my cruise, I've experimented with using Iron Grip plates ( if you're not sure what I'm talking about) to stretch with. Thus far, they've been amazing. I feel a more intense pec stretch without any shoulder stress. The only problem is, is that you're limited to 45 lbs.


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                  I do pretty much what all the guys here are saying, when I can hit 60 seconds with a stretch I bump the weight up
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