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  • Weight Belt?

    How many of you wear a weight belt every workout no matter what you are doing to insure that you dont expand ur waist out or for support?

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    I dont necessarily believe a belt is gonna stop your waist from expanding. I dont wear one yet. Im thinking about it for squats. But i want a strong lower back and abs.

    I dont think i'd wear a belt through an entire session, but some people may differ.


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      TooPowerful4u, Yes I am one of those guys who wears it for everything, ever since I broke my back, I do not were it on the Leg Press so I can get deep as possible...
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        No belt for me so far. My highest dead is only in the 400's and squat only in the 300's though so as some point I may start using one. Right now I have abs of steal and I never work them directly. I attribute that to the lack of belt.


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          the only time I wear one is when I squat or deadlift
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            I wear one. Have been since day 1 (10 + years). I tighten and loosen it for certain exercises...squats, deadlifts etc......Of course I take them off for leg presses, lying leg curls (the obvious).....I guess it's all preference.


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              I only wear one when I go heavy on hacks/squats/deads/military/rack deads/sld. By "when I go heavy," I am talking about maybe my last warm up set or two and my work set.


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                I wear a thin belt to keep in my bodyheat when I train. But it's a new thing I just started doing. I don't think there is any findings to the expansion theory. I do know that wearing a belt too much weakens your torso. Generally, I would only use a belt when doing my hard set.

                Work on abs exercises and control like doing vacumes if you are worried.
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