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  • Another new guy intro!

    Hey everyone!

    I think I've found the holy grail! This place rocks! It was about 6 months ago I found the 100+ page DC thread on animals site and read through it with eye's wide open. Totally threw me for a loop as it seemed to contradict 99% of what I thought I knew. For the past 6 months I used some, but unfortunately not all of DC's ideas in my training. 45lbs later, I'd say the shit definitely works! Wonder what I'd look like if I followed it to the letter??

    Been lifting on and off for the past 10 years but only got real serious over the last 2. I was a (very) fat power lifter build for most of that time then finally got serious and cut down. Made it down to 214 then started building back up. At about 225 I found the DC post and now, 6 months later I clock in at 272 @ ~17%bf. Now that I found this place and I'm re-committing 100% to the program, I hope to really take it to a new level. When I get the shag run removed I'll snap some pics and put em up.

    Glad to be on board here guys. Hope I can contribute as much as I get from this wealth of knowledge!


    BTW, In-Human, thanks for pointing in this direction! I plan to take your unofficial crown for "The king of eating" from you, so don't be alarmed!

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    Thors, Congrats on your gains, that is really awsome, glad you came here.

    Um, you like to eat huh, ok, but we are talking fighting words now, I can do some serious damage to a grocery store, even before I leave after paying...
    "That damn log book" Highest quality protein at the lowest price...


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      Lol someone challenging IH's eating crown? That takes a ripe pair of balls...

      Welcome aboard Thors, you won't be dissapointed with this place.



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        Thanks guys!

        Lol..IH. You wanna go cal for cal, or macro for macro?? What's your record bro? I've topped 10000 cals a few times, but I normally stick around 7-8K. Gains have slowed to a crawl though so time to jam more down! I'm somewhat of a legend around the office on the eating side of


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          dam a challenge,, this should be good
          "I pitty the fool who doesnt buy from"


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            Thors, So you think you are bad huh, ok I accept this challenge (I am good at backing out, just ask FI) were do you live? any buffets in the area were they can rope us off so noone gets hurt from flying empty dishes or bones?...
            "That damn log book"

   Highest quality protein at the lowest price...


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              Shit man, I'm from RI. Looks like you're in Cali. Heading east anytime soon??


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                Thors, Whew, I not allowed to travel East, thank god for that, see I knew I could get out this one...
                "That damn log book"

       Highest quality protein at the lowest price...