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    It seems like some people that come and try to do DC training have their own agenda, i dont understand what the fucking deal is for some people to try something new, but halfass it. If you new to the DC training obviously what you were doing before wasnt working so why are you trying to incorporate that shit into your workout? I can understand to be skeptical and not believe everything everyone says but if you gonna try something out just give it a fucking shot. When I started the DC training i completely disregarded everything before because it got me no where. Fuck.

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    That's the main problem, its hard trying to bring a new mind set and way of training to people and having them follow it to a T. They won't just drop everything they know and go with something completely new because of past beliefs of what works and what does not.

    I think that's partially why DC stresses that it really isn't for everyone because he doesn't want people half assing his program and not giving it the credit it deserves.


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      Richard85, I actually try to discourage people from trying this program unless they have enough maturity and years in the gym when they have hit a brick wall, and want to try something new and totally out of the norm.

      It is super tough to de-brainwash what you have read in the mags for years or what some pro does, how can anyone beleive this, I was skeptical myself for the first 10 pages of the "CFP" thread when I read sometime ago.

      We are the lucky ones who understand it and know it can work for us, but this will not work for everyone you need to have the drive and open mind to change what you have known for so long...
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        Yea i think the years of experience help you then fully try to comprehend a new system. If your a beginner u tend to skim things and give it a half ass attempt , but someone with experience usually gives things a better read and a full effort when trying something new.

        Even with my lack of experience (3 years) Ive fully immersed myself in the system. Theres no half ass attempt here. Its all or nothing basically.

        Alot of research goes into it. I wouldnt have started it unless i agreed with the principals of the system. Something different and unique.


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          you guys should all be banned for flaming all the people that halfass DC training.You to InHuman....
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            asim, Yes and I can see how tough this program is for younger guys who just don't know their body yet, muscle wise that is, hell it was tough for me too.

            Go from 50-70 sets to 5 exercises per workout, how can it work...
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              I can say through out a year of working with DC you should stick with what he says because it works. He will tweak and change things with you as needed so dont think everything is set in stone, but the man does know what he is talking about.
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