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    I am going to post some of my personal favorite recipes. This is will make your growing fun. The first recipe I am going to start off with is none other than breakfast. This is loaded with protein and carbs and good taste. Its definetly different from the norm and will be some unusualy prepparing but once you get the hang of it you'll love it. Its awesome.

    First of all place your oven rack in the second slot from the top of the broiler in your oven. Place a 10-12 inch cast iron skillet in there and turn the broiler on to high.

    In a mixing bowl, beat 2 eggs and add in half a bag, or 3/4s, or the whole damn thing of a 1 pound 12 oz package of Ore-Ida frozen hashbrowns. Please be sure to unthaw the potatoes in the fridge the night before. Whip the potatoes and eggs together with plenty of kosher salt. *Optional* you can also add 8 oz of frozen spinach to this, but I usually leave it out.

    Now your skillet should be hot. Remove it from the oven and put just a little bit of olive oil in the bottom, just to keep the potatoes from sticking. Be sure to pack the mixture down really well into all the cracks and corners of the skillet. Pour some salsa all over the top of it. Replace back in the oven for 10-12 minutes. Don't let the tomatoes burn, but just cook in the salsa. Go jump in the shower or something for those 12 minutes.

    Now when done pull the skillet back out and cover it with fat free or 2% shredded mozarella cheese. Fat free or low fat cheddar would do fine. Use a lot to cover the surface. Kind of like a pizza. Now once the cheese is down crack 4-5 whole eggs on top in separate places. Now put back under the broiler for 4 min. or however long it takes for the whites and set. Please keep an eye on it. The eggs will burn. At the end sprinkle with red pepper flakes and go to town. This will be the best damn breakfast you ever sank your teeth into. Most of the time I just eat it right out of the damn skillet and wash it down with a glass or two of milk.
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    I divided up your post so that others can find the recipe easier. You had breakfast & dinner all together! lol

    Hey.......can you use our kitchen for testing?


    Who doesn't like meatloaf? Not many. I love it. I can eat gobbs of it. Here is a really basic recipe:

    1lb of ground beef
    sat and pepper
    1/2 cup of chopped onion
    1/2 cup of chopped bell pepper
    1 egg lightly beaten
    8 oz can of diced tomatoes w/ juice
    1/2 cup quick cooking oats

    For the topping:
    1/3 cup ketchup
    2 tbsp brown sugar
    1 tbsp mustard

    Heat the oven to 375 degrees. Mix all of the meat ingredients and place in a loaf pan. Mix the topping mixture and pour on the top. Bake for 1 hr. How simple is that?

    I will post some more up in a little while. I have to eat right now.
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      Sorry about that. Next time I will divide each post.

      I will use your kitchen, but you have to clean ok, lol.


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        Keep em coming gorilla. LOL
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          Another one from VG:

          KRL came up with the idea to make pasta out of protein powder. This recipe is not set in stone yet. Its going to take some tweaking. I am going to layout the basis of the recipe and I would like for you guys to try this out and let me know what your results are.

          First off this is how one would make fresh pasta:

          3 cups of all purpose flour
          2 large eggs
          3 tablespoons water
          1 teaspoon of olive oil
          1/2 teaspoon salt

          That right there will make a good bit of pasta. Now we are going to need to substitute the flour with the protein powder. Thing is do we do a half and half ratio, or a 2 to 1 ratio of flour and protein, or would this work with just protein powder all the way? That is what we are going to have to experiment with and find out. So if you have a lot of protein powder laying around get busy.

          When you do attempt to make it this is what will knead to be done. Knead, haha get it.......ok, anyways. First get yourself a clean large worksurface. Make a well with the protein/flour ratio. In a measuring cup mix the eggs, water, oil, and salt together. Pour the wet mixture slowly into the well and mix with your fingers until all of the wet is incorporated. Knead the dough for 8 to 10 minutes on the work surface. Roll out until it is very thin. Then cut into long thin strips. A pizza cutter will do the job. You now have fresh pasta. Boil for a few minutes and pour your favorite sauce on it and go to town.

          Damn, Dante if we could get this mixture right we need to learn how to dry it and market it. Instead of pasta giving you 40grams of carbs per 2oz you'd be getting 40 grams of protein. Step aside Atkins Approved here come Trueprotein Pasta bitch!
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            Ground Beef, Egg, and Cheese Scramble:

            This is very basic, but good. This is pretty much my breakfast every morning.

            First off I heat a non stick skillet over medium high heat. When its hot I add in some 93/7 ground beef. While thats cooking I whisk 3 eggs in a bowl with a tablespoon of milk to make the eggs fluffier. Then I throw in a handful (about 1/2 cup or more) of fat free cheese in with the eggs. When the beef is done I pour the egg/cheese mixture in with the beef and stir until everything is mixed well. I usually pull this from the heat just before the eggs are completly cooked. Remember if the eggs are done in the pan they will be over done in the plate due to carry over cooking. Sometimes I top them with salsa, sometimes ketchup. Sometimes non fat sour cream does the trick. This is also good with ketchup, mustard, and pickles.


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              Flank Steak Two different ways:

              Method 1): This is the easy method. It doesn't require much. You will need a cast iron skillet and a regular non stick skillet. I do prefer this guy over the cast iron skillet when cooking this way:

              But if you don't want one of those then the regular cast iron will do fine.

              First lets prep our meat. Salt and pepper it and rub it down with some olive oil.

              While that is sitting heat your pan over medium high heat.

              When hot put your steak down and cook it without touching it for 2- 3 minutes per side. Then flip it and cook the other side. When done let it rest for 3 min. That way we keep the juices in the meat.

              While your steak was cooking use the other non stick skillet to saute' a bell pepper cut into thin stips, seeds removed, and one onion sliced thin. I normally cook this in just a small amount of canola or olive oil with salt and pepper. Just let these sweet down on a medium heat. If the veggies aren't cooking fast enough for you put a lid on to let them steam.

              Now its time to plate up. Lay all the veggies down on the plate. Then slice your steak against the grain at an angle. Slice it thin as possible. This will make it tender. Fan your sliced steak around the plate on top of the veggies. I like to douse mine in A-1 but thats just me. This is also good wrapped in tortillas with salsa. You can eat it with any type of rice you wish also.

              Method 2). I dont want this one to scare you, but it does involve some work. I will walk you through it the best way I can. In the end its well worth it. Guys this is one of those type dishes that will get you some for sure. Especially if she knows you did this just for her.

              First we are going to make the filling. It helps to have a food proccessor but those are pricey. If you dont have one your going to have to do some chopping and mixing in a bowl. Heres the ingredient list:

              2-3 handfuls of flavored croutons, most people can hold 1/2 cup-cup in there hand
              Palmful of grated parmesan cheese
              2 eggs
              tablespoon each of parsley and oregano
              teaspoon each of rosemary and thyme
              1-2 cloves of garlic

              If you have a food processor this is so easy. Just throw everything in and pulse until everything is ground up. If you dont then were going to have some extra work here to do. First you will need to crush all the croutons up. Use your fist or a potato masher and place in a bowl. Run your knife through your cheese just to chop it up a bit more, throw that in the bowl. Whisk together your two eggs and place that in the bowl as well. Chopp up your herbs and garlic and place that in. Mix everything together until well incorporated. That is your stuffing.

              Now take a 1.5 lb flank steak and beat it out until its very thin. Please try not to break it. I place some saran wrap down on top then pound it with a meat mallet. It should have flattened out tremendously when your done. Now take your filling and spread it in the middle of the beef. Spread it out evenly all over except for a 1/2 inch to the ends. So you should still see about a 1/2 inch of beef all the way around. Roll this up like a jelly roll. Tie it in 6-8 places all the way down to hold it together. Do not tie it to tight though. IF you do the tied part will not be able to expand and you will have a roast that resembles Barbie. So just tie it, not to tight.

              Now set your oven to 350 degrees. Take out a baking dish and pour your favorite tomato sauce in the bottom. You want the whole entire bottom covered. Place that in the oven to heat up.

              Now place a cast iron skillet over medium high heat. Salt and pepper your steak roll and brush it with some olive oil. Sear on all four sides until browned. About 1 min. per side all the way around.

              Place the roast in the tomato sauce pan. Now take a spoon and pour some of the sauce on top of the roast. Just to get it good and covered. Wrap up with aluminum foil and cook for 1 hr.

              When done remove the butcher string. Slice it into thin slices. Pour some of the tomato sauce down on the plate and place the gorgeous roast slices down on the tomato sauce. Chow down.

              For your girl, feed her in the dimmist lit room in the house. I dont care if its the laundry room. Your going to need that light to set the mood. Set up some candles in the center of the table. Of course place down your napkins and forks and knives. If you dont have fancy tablecloth's just cut out some squares of those XXl white dress shirts you grew out of a year ago. Place them down. She'll never know. Pour her some wine, red please. Serve up some bought french bread at the store, cut it on a bias please. Then pour the tomato sauce in the plate, lay down two slices of the beef for her, 4 for you, lol. Top it off with some parsley sprigs. Dont worry about butter. You can dip your french bread in the sauce. Now if that doesn't get you laid I have other cooking instructions that can, but those will cost you. So for right now just consider that a freeby. We had better stick to the recipes that make you grow for now though.
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                Originally posted by vanilla gorilla
                Ground Beef, Egg, and Cheese Scramble
                I just made a batch of that. It's great. Thanks for posting the recipe.


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                  Homemade Protein bars.

                  Sorry guys no measurements, make it up depending on ur protein requirements---sorry dont want to make it too easy for ya! :p

                  • Protein Powder
                  • Peanut Butter
                  • Milled Oats (doesnt really make a difference)
                  • Honey

                  Put Peanut butter and honey in microwave for 2 mins and take it out and mix it in one big bowl with all the powder and oats, as the mixture is warm it mixes relatively easily and its very mallable. Give it all you got with your grubby mitts for 5mins and flattenen it out into a baking tray, and leave in the fridge to go hard.

                  Then just carry them about for snacks. Dense protein/calories/ and no sugar, just low gylcemic carbs

                  EDIT: Sorry its Vanilla's Thread feel free to move/delete as appropiate, but I also have another dead simple meal

                  Wack a bowl of baked beans in the microwave then add a can or two of tuna.

                  Makes the tuna slide down, and Id even stick out my head and say . . its rather nice!

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                    Please feal free to post any recipes that you can come up with. I am not the only cook out there. I need ideas sometimes to. So if any of you want to add your secrets throw them in. But for right now we are going to focus on hamburgers.

                    When I make hamburgers I always form them into 5oz patties. They always seem to cook best that way. Rather grilling or pan fried. I grill my burgers usually 3-4 min. per side. I cook them in a hot cast iron skillet over medium heat for about 5 min. per side. Remember no patty smashing at any point.

                    I usually season my patties with kosher salt and ground black pepper. By the way, I know you guys see in my recipes I keep stressing kosher salt. That one little ingredient right there makes all the difference in the world. Trust me you will never buy table salt again. Anyways, that little bit of seasoning and proper cooking will make your burger to die for. When I pan fry them I just place them in the hot dry pan. After the meat sits there it starts to sear and becomes non stick. They will stick at first but dont touch it. Once that crust forms it will be stick free. There should be a beautiful brown crust on the outside of the burger. Thats how you know your cooking it right. The kosher salt give it that crust. Remember also when done cooking remove the patty from the heat and let it sit for 3 min. That way the juice stay in the meat.

                    Now from time to time I do get tired of salt and pepper only burgers. So I buy some horseradish root, and fresh chives. I remove the outer layer of the horseradish then grate it down. Then I chop up the fresh chives. I mix however much I want into the patties w/ salt and pepper. Then I grill them for 3-4 min. per side. The horseradish and chives give the burger a very good flavor. I sometimes like to carve off a big piece cheddar, place it on the patty, then put that between two buns. Then wrap the patty up in aluminum foil. Place it back on the grill and place a brick on top for like a 1 minute or so. The whole burger gets tightly compressed and the cheese oozes out everywhere. Its pure heaven.
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                      Pork Tenderloin

                      This is a very neglected form of protein. Why I dont know. Its very lean, packed with protien and affordable. So why aren't more bodybuilders eating it? Does it taste like shit or what? If you think its just plain out to damn nasty then try it this way.

                      In a pot bring 2 cups of vegetable stock, 1/2 cup of kosher salt, 1/4 cup of brown sugar, few peppercorns, and a bay leave to a boil. Stir until the sugar and salt has dissolved. Then add in 1 cup of vegatable stock w/ 1 qt of orange juice. Place this in a 2 gallon bucket with 2 qts of ice water. When the mixture is all nice and cold place your pork tenderloins in the brine. Brine for 8 hrs.

                      Grill your tenderloin on the grill for 3 min per side. Baste it with a mixture of orange juice concentrate and hot sauce. That should flip your wig. You can also do the exact same thing with chicken breasts.


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                        Another great breakfast idea is similar to your scramble, but uses raw oatmeal. You also might want to use a meat with a little less fat; I prefer lean ham but you might like something else. Whatever kind you decide on using, shred it up; fat free cheese is also great, as mentioned above. Whip up your eggs and pour them into the skillet, then add your meat/cheese. Stir until it is well mixed, then dump some raw oatmeal and cinammon on top. Continue stirring until it's done. When finished, you should be left with a pan full of tasty chunks of oatmeal, egg, and whatever else you added. One of my favorites...


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                          Now you know I made that scramble up, Vanilla You can use any kind of meat in that scramble. To make it pro/carb, simply use egg whites instead and add in some oatmeal like sidewinda suggested. Or, you could just have it all inside some whole wheat tortillas, great like that too. Very versatile and definitely one of my favorites, I make it atleast once a day, no shit.


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                            If you have a George Foreman, throw your wrap in there for three or four minutes after you added everything. Good stuff


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                              Can someone just come over to my place and show me how to cook some of this stuff?....
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