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getting into dc eating program at less than 10%

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  • getting into dc eating program at less than 10%

    i was kind of scared to increase the calories the way it is shown in all of dc's posts. i am very proud of my abs and the lean figure i display year-round. but i came to realize that if i want to break the 200lbs barrier i have got to eat different. it's been now at least two weeks eating dc style but my abs are still there, and even those veins that i got at the low end of my lower abs. i am not gonna go into the details of what my diet is like right now, but it's more protein and more calories from carbs too. i do not feel as bloated as i was expecting to get, and actually the more i eat for mass the hungry i get. what i was eating before now wouldn't even keep my stomach full for 1 hour!
    i do the carbs cutoff as recommended and maybe my lean look is related to that, i dunno. maybe the guys who go into dc style of eating-if they are really lean to begin with and carry a decent amount of lean bodymass-are one step above those who carry more bodyfat initially. whathever the reason is, i like it and i hope it will continue this way.

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    rocky, With the kind of eating we do, cardio and cut offs, you soon become a walking Human Blast Furnance, with all this protein you are burning fat stores at a faster rate, plus the workouts are so grueling you will burn calories as well there...
    "That damn log book" Highest quality protein at the lowest price...


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      great, eat more and more and more and then when ur abs fade eat even more. then when ur 30 lbs heavier, get them back and feel happy about them with 20 lbs more muscle.

      bye =]