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  • Flexing

    I am a big fan of Parillo who like DC is very much in favor of stretching although somewhat painfully. What about the flexing the muscle hard in between sets as well. It's been written that bb'ers create better separation from this tatic.
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    A few guys I coach believe in it. After working biceps, hitting a "set" of 5 reps of double bis will contribute to hardness and separation. Same with tris or any other bodypart worked.

    Darrem Charles has said in an interview that during and after his workout he flexes and poses. Posing is the bulk of his cardio work
    since he hates stairmasters, treadmill, etc. He has been 1st or 2nd in his last four competitions, so I guess it hasn't hurt him any.


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      I would deffinitly say with a lot of flexing you will have very good muscle control, which would help you when performing exercises and squeezing that particular muscle...
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        No one here saw Pumping Iron? If it worked for Ahnold...


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          Originally posted by Tills
          No one here saw Pumping Iron? If it worked for Ahnold...
          arnold also "winged it" with his training, im sure that posing and flexing helps but arnold had genetics, not to say he didnt bust his ass but he had genetics