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  • Dropping BF

    I'm currently 280 with about 26-27% BF. While using DC's training what is the best way to maximize fat loss without losing muscle mass. I'm not concerned about dropping a few pounds at this point.

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    cardio and follow your carb cutoff
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      Increase cardio and reduce your carbs it is as simple as that. Dont drop your protein either...
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        If you have started to train harder that usuall, maybe you should get your diet in check by just illiminating the fattiest of foods and adhere to DC's Carb cut off. The diet and the harder training should spur muscle growth which inturn increases metabolism which will reduce your BF.... It will happen at the same time
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          What they said. 45 min light morning cardio 2-3x/week and determine and follow your carb cutoff. Make small tweeks with these 2. Don't make drastic adjustments.
          Whatever you do, don't lower your protein.
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            I'd recommend more reading, it is all there. Clean up your diet. Stick to carb cutoff. Add in a small amount of low intensity cardio on your off days.


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              Thanks for all the're quick replies are very helpful


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                It's about time for one of my rare slightly helpful posts so here it is.
                Below is an exchange between Doggcrapp and BJ about the same topic:

                BrooklynC whats your cardio like for both cutting and bulking.
                Brooklyn:Exercised used?

                doggcrapp: personally? individualistic choice but I like treadmill or a walk around the neighborhood

                Brooklynays per week?

                Doggcrapp: offseason-0 to 2 times a week
                precontest--every day except leg

                Brooklyn:Minutes per sessions?
                doggcrapp: always 45 minutes (60 minutes if someone got to a serious sticking point)

                Brooklyn: Heartrate?
                doggcrapp: varies slightly--as a bodybuilder I would never run during cardio--from my experience there is not a better way to lose leg mass than running. (cycling would be a different story)...I go at a brisk walk (3.4mph on a treadmill) or up and down the hills around my house. Brooklyn, women on the other hand can go crazy with cardio but it is of my opinion that men unless they are carefully calculated with cardio can lose muscle size
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                  lmao @ it turning into a smiley.


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                    i have been doing a slow-medium jog recently for cardio but looks like ill be doing the brisk walk from now on


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                      I like the walk idea, I just don't like the fact that you don't really FEEL like you getting a good workout(atleast I don't)... I think I just need to be de-brainwashed.. especially because I'm looking to get my wheels rollin as fast as possible I can't be running off any mass.