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  • Coming off a diet...

    Hey Guys,

    I've been reading up on DC for awhile and have finally decided to implement the program.

    My question is: I'm currently dieting and I'm looking at getting down to about 12%. I'm cycling my calories but on average I'm taking in about 2200 calories and I have a maintenance of about 3000. With DC, I've got my diet configured to about 4000 calories. Should I jump straight in to this when I finishing dieting down or should I eat at maintenance for a couple of weeks and then taper the calories up?

    Any help is appreciated!
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    I have stated this before. I may be an exception, but this is just my story. I was cutting at 1200 calories, yes...1200 calories with my dumbass. I immediately jumped into about 4000 calories and am now hovering around 5000. My body absorbed everything very quickly and I have gained 20 lbs so far with a small amount of bodyfat *not realyl noticeable*. Like I said, it depends on YOUR body. If you plan on gradually increasing though, I would not recommend rest pauses or statics to start off.


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      Thanks for the quick response. Being the impatient person I am, I'll probably just jump straight in to 4000 and if I notice too much fat gain, then I'll lower them a bit.

      I'm only a year older than yourself, so, being younger I imagine helps just a bit.
      Ever stop to think and forget to start again?


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        I'm far from an expert but...
        If you make the jump to 4000 per day and, like you said, start to notice too much fat gain, I wouldn't make any rush adjustments. You've got to give you body at least a few weeks to get used to this type of eating and turn into an efficient food processing plant.
        But like I said, I'm far from the expert. Hopefully some others will chime in here.
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          I went from cutting to vacation eating and am now pretty much as fat as ever. LOL

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