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Okey, here I go too!

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  • Okey, here I go too!

    Previously I`ve also only been lurking around here at The Dogg Pound. It suddenly became very popular admitting that, so I thought why the hell not me too?

    Well, now it is irreversible I guess! By the way, this would also be a great way for me to practice and hopefully improve my english at the same time? Please let me know if my writing stinks. (Hmmm... maybe not all of you are well "suited" in that matter? LOL)

    Anyway, I will do my best trying to be an active member on this board. Maybe share some experiences with all you monsters out there...!

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    You write better than 99% of the people on this board just to let you know. By the way, why not just post this in the other thread? lol


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      Thanks man! Yeah maybe that would have been fun? Great idea! LOL!


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        welcome to IM
        2010 NPC New England - Open & Masters Light Heavy
        2010 NPC Cutler Classic - Open & Masters Light Heavy
        2001 INBF Constitution State - Open Middleweight
        2001 INBF Natural New York State - Open Middleweight
        2000 ANBA Natural Xtravaganza - Open Middleweight
        2000 NGA New England - Open Middleweight
        1999 NABF Maine Super Natural - Open Middleweight
        1999 NABF New England Super Natural - Open Middleweight


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          Also, good to see another fellow Scandi ya Scandinavian bastard :p