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i just had to say this about DC...

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  • i just had to say this about DC...

    ... forget about his experience and training knowledge, or even his insane muscle mass that he carries. this guy's biggest attribute is first and foremost his Heart. for those of you who are just getting started with his training or just getting to know him, i assure you that there is nobody out there and i mean NOBODY, coach, guru, trainer of the pros, etc. who can even compare to this man on a human level. and the funny thing is that with all his qualities and skills he can still manage to keep it humble and even make fun of himself (just read the "big daddy smooth" thread). just because of all the above anyone who is serious about taking their bodies to the next level should study his methods-from training to nutrition to even supplementation if you are into that kind of stuff-and the less sense it might make to you, the more blindly you should follow his advice. always remember that even when you are not sure about certain methods/techniques/strategies you may read about, rest assured that you are in good hands and you can only benefit from sticking to his program. i am slowly "converting" and i enjoy his training methods (and now even the eating program) more and more every day. sure it might feel weird to do only one set pre bodypart, sure it might feel weird to blast your quads after hamstrings and calves, and sure some of the intense stretches look funny, but you know what, this shit works to put it blatantly... damn i never would have thought i'd have spoken such words just a few weeks ago!!!:showoff:

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    much appreciated rocky
    IG is



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      Bravo, Rocky!

      Its only apropos that bodybuilding be revolutionized the way Dante has by a man who defies the stereotype of the egotistical, self-centered, narcissistic bodybuilder.

      Thanks, DC.

      The Book Has Arrived!
      The Book Has Arrived!

      Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a pristine, well-preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, used up, worn out, and shouting, "Holy #$&^%$^... What a ride!!!"

      2012 NPC Master's Nationals HW 5th. Mid-USA HW & Overall
      2010 NPC Jr. USA HW 4th, Pacific USA Heavy 2nd
      2009 NPC Mr. Arizona HW & Overall, Jr. Nationals HW 16th, Smoked at USA's


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        I concure fellas .......DC doubt .....just a quality person period....


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          I couldn't have said it better.
          I have mental issues and DC is helping me work around those to become the best I can be.
          Cliche 'Everyone wants to be big, but no one wants to lift heavy weight'.


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            Watch out Mrs. DoggCrapp


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              LMFAO @ USMUSCLE! Very much a good program and not for the weak hearted!

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                rockyIII, take the program to the fullest potiential. Don't lose faith in it.


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                  I have to agree, I never though 1 set per body part would work, well i am only in week 2, and I am sitting here after my chest/shoulder/tri's/back this AM tight and stiff, up 3lbs feeling stronger, been interesting on monday when i hit day 1-1 again.


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                    Hail to DC, god of iron and hypertrophy...


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                      I have mental issues and DC is helping me work around those to become the best I can be

                      Hey! Don't try to steal my role!!!