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  • DC exersices

    I know that DC likes ut to do some sertain exersices...
    Is there an thread anywhere where DC explains the exersices he likes?
    Or can anyone explain them?

    I specialy wonder what this is, and how i do them:
    Rack Chins front and back
    Rack Deads
    T-Bar Rows
    Bent Rows
    Body Flex Slant Raises

    I have done the dc training for 2 months now, and now it is time to change some of my exersices

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    i like fresh meat just like the next guy,, im not going to post up a link because these type of exercises should already be established in your head,, except for the rack chins,, i would attempt on doing a search online for those requests, you will get dozens of links to show you the correct form,, for rack chins please go to , under the power forum do a search for rack chins illustrated,, dont mean to be a dick about it bro
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      here are the rack chins. the other exercises arn't too hard to figure out or find illustrations of on the internet.;f=10;t=14564



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        also look through the Dogg Log for exercises as there are plenty to choose from.

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