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  • postworkout meal dilemma

    i understand that postworkout we want to take 100grams protein shake with simple carbs (grape juice, dextrose, etc.) and a mixture of complex carbs (oatmeal) and simple carbs (raisins). this is my problem though. my postworkout meals is exactly before i go to work. once i get to work about 3 hours later my boss gives me only a 5 minute break to use the restroom and/or eat. that means that at that point in time i wouldn't have enough time to eat a solid meal, but i will have to rely on a liquid meal because of limited time. but i am afraid that after that huge postworkout drink, another liquid meal 3 hours later will give me an upset stomach. how can i get around this problem? on those few occasions that i've had two liquid meals back to back within 3 hours i felt like crap (gasy, stomach ache)

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    Tell your stupid boss to stick it up his ass and that you've got to fucking eat!--

    problem solved
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      i work for the sales department of Directv. this is how the schedule works:

      10:30am breakfast

      12:00pm workout

      1:30pm postworkout meal

      3:00pm work

      4:30pm 5-minute break

      7:45pm 30-minute break

      10:30pm 5-minute break

      11:30pm get off work

      my workplace is very strict and we can't just get up and walk to the breakroom or bathroom. if we really HAVE to go we call the main desk up and they might give us 1-2 minutes but we have to hurry. so as you can see in 5 minutes the only thing i can consume is a shake of some sort. up till now i have been consuming a solid meal after my workout (1:30pm) and then a liquid meal at 4:30pm. but now i have found out that postworkout meal must be liquid. so what to do? have two liquid meals back to back? yuck!!!


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        if it bothers ur stomach ull have to fork out the cash for higher qaulity. i like the beverly mass maker because of the slow release carbs in there. are u drinking a meal replacement or a low carb protein shake? what about a protein bar?
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          i use a blend of concentrate/isolate whey with a few tbsp of olive oil or peanut butter. protein bars to me are pretty much junk food and i don't think they are very high in protein. like i said, after my postworkout drink, 3 hours later i have no choice but down another liquid meal (whey protein shake with fats). i'd like to alternate solid with liquid but i think i have no choice unless i don't plan to find another job!!


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            Honestly you guys make me laugh.I mean what's the point of bodybuilding...putting on a ton of muscle.....getting ripped..whatever it is you're trying to accomplish here...what's the point of any of that if you're gonna live your life like a fucking bitch.

            "Oooo....I only have 5 fucking minutes to eat....what should i do?"

            give me a fucking break

            Find a job that will accomodate your goals...shit...make something happen...get out there and just fucking do it.Do not be the guy on bodybuilding message boards whining about only having 5 minutes to eat...Boo fucking hoo for you.

            Have some balls and some self respect and vision for God's sake
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              And FH is once again the voice of reason!


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                This is what I suggested as an alternative on mayhem.

                Rocky, is there any way you can split your time for breaks, like take the 45 minutes and divide by 3 and get 3 - 15 minute breaks? He may take you up on it. Or we could have Doctor Dante write you a note, lol, with an autographed picture of him choking, ......err reviving a patient, lol.

                If not, can you sneak in protein bars?

                good luck!
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                ain't it the shit? Just wait til you guys/gals see some of the strength jumps lol..and the size you put on!
                Good luck


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                  FH, you might even have a point, but other than the fact that i am kind of restricted with my breaks at work i like my job. iget to seat on my ass for 8 hours in a cool comfortable room, no manual labor and my body gets to recover from the workouts. massive g at MM gave me a great idea... this is what i am planning to do for my new "mass" diet...

                  10:30am Meal 1. 12 Oz ground beef, steamed veggies, 60 grams oatmeal with raisins/bananas

                  12:00pm Workout

                  1:30pm Meal 2. 5 scoops whey with 2 cups grapejuice

                  2:30pm Meal 3. sweet potatos with raisins, wheat bread roast beef sandwich (driving to work)

                  4:30pm Meal 4. 3 scoops whey in water with 2-3 tbsp olive oil/natural peanut butter (first 5-minute break)

                  7:30pm Meal 5. 8 Oz chicken breast, veggies, 2-3 tbsp natural peanut butter (30-minute lunch break)

                  10:30pm Meal 6. 3 scoops whey in water (second 5-minute break)

                  1:30pm Meal 7. 12 Oz ground beef, veggies

                  if i get up in the middle of the night to go pee i will have an additional scoop of whey in water


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                    F/H is correct. You have to find a way to make it happen-period. Are you allowed to eat at your desk/office/cube? If so, then there is no reason to debate anything. You must find the way. Failure is not an option.



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                      Do like In-human would do and eat the boss. Nothing is going to stop him from growing.


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                        I would be actively seeking new employment. I refuse to work for people who are total pricks and don't allow you to take a piss without permission!!!! As a matter of fact, I think I would piss on the bosses shoes as I was telling him to shove that job up his ass.
                        "Well done is better than well said"



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                          Two words for you, "Office Space." Get yourself fired, collect unemployment while you get huge and find a new job.

                          Just kidding.

                          Eat right before you leave or as soon as you arrive at work.

                          Ask the boss to switch your 5 and 30 minute breaks.


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                            Cant you eat at your workspace? If not I suggest training a little bit earlier then you can get that 2nd meal in before you go to work.


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                              Rocky: Have you though of making your own protein bars (I can get you a good recipie) or the Bass/Yates cake - which is a high protein meal replacement that Doz used when travelling.
                              Not sure if I still have the recpie for that.

                              The protein bars can be eaten in 5 mins or less - and taste good with no bloatyness whatsoever - and because they are homemade you know they are good stuff.

                              My other suggestion is try and get some samples or very small tubs of different protein powder - used to suffer with bloating and upset stomachs as well the inevitable gas from protein powders, even some really high quality pricy ones. But eventually I got a whey concentrate that I can drink 100g shakes for every meal and not suffer at all. Took a while and I landed on my feet because its actually very reasonably priced, but worth the time and trouble, its not even a mainstream company that sells it here in the UK.