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first squat workout in 6 months!

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  • first squat workout in 6 months!

    hey, this was first week back training since my show 3 weeks ago. i came off everything and took it easy and slept abot 13 hours a day and ate ... a lot!

    i weighed in at 192 for the show and am now at 232, i started diet at 234.

    i used to powerlift before i got the itch to get onstage. anyway, i quit doing squats hoping my waist would come down. i never use a belt cause i cant breathe in the whole, so my obliques are pretty wide. i talked into a powerlifting meet in 3 weeks so i figured i better see where its at. so i slowly worked my way up and wound up getting 585 lbs for 5 reps. thats only 50 pounds less than my max and i think i could have gone heavier!! that clean with no belt and no wraps. i cant wait till this tren and adrol gets kicking next week!

    oh, and monday i benched 405 for 2 sets of 5! Dl sucks ass but i guess thats why i have good bench. sorry, just had to toot my horn, this is gonna be a good offseason.
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    big_byrd52, Real nice numbers, that really is awsome, I am happy for you, keep it up...
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      Lifting heavy as hell bro I love to hear it, keep it up!