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  • just got back from the gym...

    after posting my pics and losing a bit of confidence i got back into the right mindset and went to the gym for my DC workout. i know that the training must be fueled by the right diet, but i think i am getting an idea of what my body needs. i was obviously taking in too few calories/protein but i am about the change all that...

    incline bench dumbell curls 50X8X3X3 + static hold 17sec.
    barbell wrist curls 85lbsX17
    bicep stretch 60 sec.

    seated calf press 110lbsX8

    leg press 10 plates and 1/4 on each sideX10, 6 plates on each sideX18
    quad stretch

    stiffleg deadlift 225lbsX16
    hamstring stretch 60 sec.


    i did quads before hamstrings because from what i understand that is ok on days when we use sldl for hams as they are very demanding. i wanted to reach 20 reps with my second work set of leg press but it was too much, i was dying already by rep 14 and i did not think i was even gonna make it to 18. i literally crawled thorough the parking lot into my car and my lips were pale. hopefully the new intensity will allow my body to me more efficient at utilizing the extra calories that i am adding in

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    rock, You are doing a fine job, please keep your posts in one thread we do not want to use up too much board space with duplicate stuff, thank you...
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      rocky, bro ,, what rotation is this ? do you have your last time numbers that way we could see your progress ?
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        sorry bout that. maybe the mods can edit this and put it all together in one thread or something. i did not post the comparison thing with the last workout because i realized that i was doing it all wrong. didn't know that you do not rest/pause forearms, did not know that you must do calves and hams before quads etc. so basically i am taking this as my first "rel" DC workout.


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          rock, No problem, most learn as they go or with help from the guys here, so keep reading and asking questions when you get stuck, good luck, and murder that damn log book...
          "That damn log book"

 Highest quality protein at the lowest price...


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            every week i find out something i am doing wrong i.e. doing rest/pause when i am not supposed to, messing with the order of exercises, going too heavy, etc.

            i finally seem to have gotten all major points right. once i nail the nutrition aspect of the program then i'll be in business and catch up with the rest of you guys in the 250lbs club!


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              I think all of us go a little too heavy every now and then, i.e. making too big of weight jumps like I sometimes do. It does become confusing with what exercises to rest/pause though.


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                exactly USMuscle. when rest/pausing you cannot go too heavy otherwise you won't even be able to move the weight on your second miniset, let alone the third one. i am trying to pick weights i know i can get at least 8 reps with, but sometimes you add an additional 5-10 lbs to the bar thinking that you will be able to handle it and then you get stuck on the second miniset and look like an idiot! the other day i did smythe incline bench with 295lbs and i only got 6 reps on my first miniset, on the second miniset i did like one and only because i had a spotter, the third mini set was also just one rep with a spotter and it took me several minutes with all of my efforts + the spotter's to rerack the bar! ouch! that hurt!!!