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Day 2 of DC training week 1

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  • Day 2 of DC training week 1

    Will not bore everyone for next 7 weeks, but here is what i did today for arms/legs. It was a hard one, i felt very sick, but I beleive it's from the caffine. I have been taking 400mg every morning before i train for sometime now and I beleive it's starting to upset my stomach. I could barely eat my oatmeal. Any how i got thought workout, but was not my best for sure.

    I give an updates in a few weeks.


    After warm ups
    Peacher curls
    Working set: 100x 10 , 5, 5 rest paused, 30 sec hold.
    Hammer Curls:
    65 x 10, 5, 5 rest paused
    Biceps stretch

    Leg curls (after warm up)

    150x10, 4,4 rest paused, stretches


    Warm up (2 light extentions, 3 sets of squats)

    Working set:

    335x 14, 5, 3 rest paused. This was very disspointing, i can normally go 365 for 20 reps without rest pausing, so i was disspointed, but like i said really not feeling well.

    Quad stretches.


    working set: 300x 20 with 15 sec. stretch and slow negatives.

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    Re: Day 2 of DC training week 1

    We dont tend to rest pause back thickness and legs

    Ie, I would do one set 6-8 reps. Rest then do an all out 20rep set

    Rest pausing squats its virtually impossible
    "Never give up form for weight, makes no sense, form is key the weights will follow..."


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      Yes i know, i only did that to get my reps. Like i said, was not really myself today at all.

      But to your point i have used rest pauses for things like leg press in past. Works alright.


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        I am on the green tea, I was just using the caffine for a bit of an extra push, but I take all my vit etc.. caffine then eat, then head to gym. Caffine is know to cause upset stomach, so as you suggested i will either drink my green tea or nothing. Also it's not coffee, it's 2 tabs of 200mg each caffine which i was taking, been doing so for months now it's just taking a toll on the gut. No bigger to stop.

        I plan on going with 20 rep routine, and no rest pause for legs. The legs do not grow like weeds! I wish, i have to fight for every 1". I have some pics you can check out from last show nov 03