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Powerlifting/powerbuilding/bodybuilding?? (or bodylifting :D)

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  • Powerlifting/powerbuilding/bodybuilding?? (or bodylifting :D)

    Hey everyone, bit of a bad day (relatively--us teens blow everything out of all proportion :p)

    Ok so today Iv been questioning my training, which I hate doing because all I can do is think about that:

    So, ok muscles grow from overload, and the stronger you get, the larger you get, then why dont we all train like powerlifters. If we are doing 15RP with 4sec negatives, then surely if we trained more like a powerlifter, (ala lower reps, and not as slow-a-eccentics) then we would be definately lifting heavier weights---and remember the stonger we are the bigger we are (generally)

    "I believe he who makes the greatest strength gains (in a controlled fashion) as a bodybuilder, makes the greatest muscle gains"

    "Powerbodybuilders and powerlifters plan to continually get stronger and stronger on key movements. The body protects itself from ever increasing loads by getting muscularly bigger=adaption. I’M going to repeat this and hammer it home because of its importance: THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE THE GREATEST STRENGTH GAINS OVER TIME WILL MAKE THE GREATEST SIZE GAINS OVER TIME ACCORDING TO THEIR GENETIC POTENTIAL"

    "I believe in Powerbuilding not bodybuilding"

    "I've seen powerlifters (who catch a lot of guff from bodybuilders for being "fat") diet down and come in and destroy bodybuilders in bodybuilding shows time and time again. Over and over. Powerlifters and Powerbodybuilders are by far the thickest guys onstage when and if they decide to enter bodybuilding shows"

    We call ourselves bodybuilders, but we are infact powerlifters??

    Can someone put me on the right track?

    Basically Im saying if reps were lowered, and the tempo was faster, heavier weights would be allowed, overloading muscles then weights would increase faster each time (more growth)???!! Obviously theres a reason why this isnt the case???

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    There is some validity to what you are saying. However, our main objective is hypertrophy. Increasing strength is the tool, not the goal. That said, slower negatives and sufficient time under tension allow for greater growth compared to lower reps and a faster cadence. So, yes, you'd get stronger, but you wouldn't grow as much.