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    Been reading and reading and reading checking out results guys are having, and have commited myself now. Starting monday may 31th. I have make it to 240lbs 5'9" with 7" wrist, but have not come in big enough come show time and feel i need a good 20lbs of stage weight to look my best and improved conditing.

    I just finished a "blast" but using my own training, but DC's diet, stretching, and cycle principles and was very happy with how things went, so after a 'coast' i am going the final step and changing over to the M/W/F workouts using the 1 set per bodypart, all out efford. Efford in the gym has never been my problem, i have used Rest pauses etc.. before and always go hard and heavy as i can. But never with the low volume plus the more frequent workouts.

    I am going to have to try this on my own using information i have grather with(at least for now). Starting at 235lbs, I will keep some updates coming, very excited, going to be hard to force myself to lower volume, but I can't argue with the results i have seen posted all over the place. Some advantanced guys making un-real gains.

    If things go well, I am looking at starting some show prep, end of july.