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  • just got back from dinner

    now i havent jumped on with dc yet but i kno u guys can be proud of wa i ate so ill let u hear

    ok this was all at a family style italian resturant so the portions are huge a full serves 10-12 and half servs 4-8 ok so here goes

    1 full order of cavatelli with fresh tomato sauce and a bunch of cheese

    15 clams on the half shel

    1 full order of chicken scapriello

    now these are all orders that are sapose to feed partys of 10ish when i orderd the guy goes u sure u gonna eat it all there big i said buddy listen bring it out and u see how much i eat i fuckin licked the plates clean and asked for desert but the deserts sucked so i went down the block got a italian ice

    i kno this isnt healthy but i got at least 200-300 grmas of protien and at least 100+ carbs good meal if u ask me fuckin thing cost me 60$ lol my friend i was with was speachless lol i love when a watier says are u sure u can eat all this fuckin fuel to the fire lol:dcchomp:
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    dam thats some good eating there buddy.. kinda reminds me of a soprano episode.. foughgetboutit... ayo paulie you gonna pick up dis tab or what?
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      Good stuff. Last night I went out to eat with my friend and his family. Friend said he was paying, and man did I take advantage of that! We went to Fatz Cafe', not sure if you guys have that up there. Anyways, I started things off with 20 wings. Then came the salads, gobbled mine up. Dinner rolls, ate 4. Cheese fries appetizer! I ate about half, lol. They are not big eaters, but for some reason they order HUGE portions and just waste the rest? The friend's rents had some wigns for their appetizer as well and onyl finished half of them, so I took care of the rest of those. Entree', NY Strip. Friend had a steak too, forget what kind...but man was it good when he only took a couple bites of it and didn't finish the rest I love those people, lol. I just ended up paying for my shit anyway, I felt bad about taking all their food.


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        Tomorrow is Buffet Day for me!!!! Can't wait.

        Plus a couple friends are trying to hide BBQ parties from me so I don't eat the enitre BBQ, but they didn't hide it well enough, I can't wait!


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          Haha some of you guys kill me. Yes! it's a habit that's so hard to loose ! :dcchomp: My all time favourite was after I had ordered my food at the counter I get asked "Is that for 2 people" when I was the only one in the joint :o


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            Fast food places trip me out. In the afternoons, I may go to Sonic and order ten of the little Jr. burgers if I feel pretty hungry. For some reason, they cannot grasp the concept that I want ten, not one.

            me - Yes, I'll have ten of the Jr. burgers please.
            them - How u had b want 'em?
            me - What?
            them - How u like 'em? U want 'em all da way?
            me - No, just plain.
            them - no mustud, nuttin?
            me - Nope.
            them - ight, dat be 1.05. Drive 'round.
            *drives around*
            me- I ordered ten.
            them - ten? Wut U had be want wit ten of 'em?!
            me - What does it matter? I want ten burgers
            them - ight damn, u aint had be get no attitude wit me, i had just ax you a question!

            That's how it is all the damn time. They know my ass up there and they still can't understand!


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              Allen I'm always forgiving when it comes to people who serve me food.

              I saw a special on people who work at food places and I don't want anything extra in my food.............................

              ain't it the shit? Just wait til you guys/gals see some of the strength jumps lol..and the size you put on!
              Good luck


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                Originally posted by jimpaul
                Allen I'm always forgiving when it comes to people who serve me food.

                I saw a special on people who work at food places and I don't want anything extra in my food.............................

                You dont want it? Some of that "extra" is pretty much just protein anyway...


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                  I met a freind of mine at Taco Bell the other day for a snack and to talk of all things diet, hehe.

                  As I ordered, "4 burrito supremes and 10 taco supremes and a large drink", she started to ring it up and I said, "add his to my order", she started speaking in spanish to a couple of other counter girls and they started to laugh.

                  C'mon $16.00 worth of Taco Bell last maybe an hour in your system, so after we talked about diet and training I went home and had a real meal...
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                    i use to work at fuddruckers in fort lauderdale when i was about 18yrs old,, they put me to as a head cook which meant just frying burgers, steaks, fish etc,, we had are on special seasoning .. i mean those fish and chicken are pretty slippery ,, a little dirt didnt hurt no one..
                    "I pitty the fool who doesnt buy from"