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need advice on DC program-please read

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  • need advice on DC program-please read

    i am new at this so i have been doing quads first on lower body days, followed by hamstrings and then calves. some of dc followers have been flaming me because they say that i am doing it all wrong. so i wanted to ask you guys (dogg himself too) if it is really important to do calves first, then hams, and finally quads. i mean, how safe it is to do squats after blasting both calves and hamstrings? isn't that calling for an injury? don't we need our calves for balance on leg pressing movements?

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    Rock--I usually have guys do this

    1) biceps
    2) forearms
    3) calves
    4) hams (unless you do something like stiff legs which really tax people--then you could choose to do the SL's last
    5) quads

    I dont know about you guys but I stumble out of the gym after training quads, one all out brutal set (after warmups) of 4-8 reps and then the widowmaker set of 20 reps.....Im absolutely destroyed after that and I have to "old lady" it down the stairs. Thats why I put the two hardest bodyparts people train last on both days, quads and back thickness. I like the idea of knowing after I annihilate myself on the very hardest willbreaking set that I can then leave the gym after. Thats my reward. If I did quads first it would take me about 20 minutes to get some semblance of stability about me. Biceps and forearms are sure not going to tax anyone doing them first, and calves and leg curls shouldnt take the wind out of your sails either. But grinding out a plus 20 plate leg press or 12-14 plate hack squat will really take the gas out of your tank. All I can say is try it rock and you tell me how hardcore you become knowing that after quads thats it-you walk (or limp) out of there. Alot of people think they are training quads hard doing them first but they quickly see they were holding back saving themself after doing them my way


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      hey dogg you are The Man! my respect for you grows every day bigger. and since you have had the courtesy to reply, i am goona be honest with you and especially with myself. even though i'm only 5'5", 200lbs, i am pretty much the most "bodybuilder look-like" at my gym. a lot of people always come up to me for advice, and to be honest i did not want to leave my ego at the door and do quads last-thus using less weight. i think about the 16 year old kid who always looks up to me and how disappointed he'd look if he saw me struggle on squats with just 225lbs or something. but you know what? i am gonna freakin do it and i am gonna do it right, and i won't quit till i get it right no matter what. i will leave quads for the end of the workout, i am gonna stick with the program, and i will post the best damn pics you have ever seen in a while. you will be happy when i will post them pics and you'll be able to say that you had "something" to do with my gains.
      i told you dogg, underneath all the bullshit you have one of your toughest trainees right here, and i'll prove it to you! it's on baby!!!:showoff:


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        Rock I think youll find out the opposite--I think youll find out that youll be training heavier than you ever did because you know you dont have to hold anything back.

        Consider yourself very fortunate to make the 200lb barrier. This forum has about 35 members that have come up missing, all were under 200lbs. Now I really dont have any evidence but my (and I know everyones) first inclination is they were eaten for pure selfish protein ingestion reasons by a certain member of this forum. The webmaster found a 4 foot high pile of bones in the backend of this website and strangely there was a lifting strap among the bones with the first initial "I"---coincedence? I THINK NOT!---I better go hide Egill


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              dc the widowmaker is the perfect way to describe that 20 rep set. kicks my ass everytime
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