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How about pre/post workout nutrition w/ cardio??

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  • How about pre/post workout nutrition w/ cardio??

    I've seen a lot of opinions on pre/post nutrition for weights but what about some opinions on when and what type of carbs protein combo's for cardio and at what timing?

    I've been used to empty stomach early morning cardio and then waiting 30 min before a mrp shake.

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    That depends on your goal...

    I`m a great fan of High Intensity Cardio although many of the trainer disagree with it...I think that doing High Intensity Cardio will also create anabolic condition to build muscle...High Intensity Cardio ala Max-OT [do HIC it with interval] a short time [approx 15-20 minuetes] this cardio will create an anabolic enviroment on your body which increase your insulin sensitivity and maxmize fat loss [9 times greater fa loss than the conventional cardio]. But don`t overdo it, so that your CNS won`t be overtaxed...after that, you can consume protein and high GI carb in the ratio of 1:1 or 1:2 <the liquid form is better>... [I personally use 50gr protein and 100gr carb] can also aconsume glutamine and creatine after that cardio...

    1:1 if your goal if mainly fat loss...
    2:1 if your goal if mainly creating anabolic enviroment on your body...


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      I used to like cardio on empty stomach 1st thing AM but now think that may cause too much catabolism. Now if doing in AM I'll have a 25g protein shake before than my regular breakfast (P+C) about a half hour later. If doing cardio later in the day, I'll just make sure it's been 2-3 hours after my last meal and have a P+F meal afterwards


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        would advise to take in about 25g protein in water before doing your cardio in the morning.
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          Justin: whats your HIIT routine like?
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