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weak grip hindering other exercises

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  • weak grip hindering other exercises

    Just got back from leg day, somewhat annoyed.

    I nailed my close grip bicep curls, and then moved on to the reverse grip cable curls. My grip was so fried by the exercises last session that I could not do heavy weight on this and still hold onto the bar, even with my straps. This really pissed me off, so I just did some hammer curls.

    After calves, Romanian Deadlifts for hams, but it's the same deal, even with my lifting straps I just can't go heavy enough to do any damage.

    This is really going to hamper my progress, does anyone have any ideas? Do the hook wrist straps work? Do I have to go to a desert island and do grip exercises for the next 5 years?


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    I added wrist curls to go with my hammer curls about 6 weeks ago. Made a huge difference and added about 1/2" to my forearms. I do a lot of DB exercises and my new grip strength has allowed for better-controlled pressing movements, and has also allowed me to reduce my dependence on straps for pulling movements. This in turned has strengthen my grip further. Grip strengthing doesn't seem to be very popular perhaps because it lacks the glamour of a big bench. I now understand the importance of a strong grip/forearms and now make time for them. It's not going to take 5 years. If you prioritize it for a training cycle, it's going to be worth the effort. As the long-timers here know, nothing is overnight. Time and effort.


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      Def get some forearm workouts in there. I feel the same way sometimes durring shugs and deads.
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        kinda of a dumb question,, but when you where straps do you also where gloves ?
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          i'm sorry to say it, but there are only 2 things you can do:

          1)go find you island and do grip exercises for the next 5 yrs. on second thought, lets make it 7. in 7 years, come back and resume where you are now.


          2) use wrist straps.

          seriously though, if the straps dont help you AND you are using them correctly, do static holds. if you need to hold onto a heavy bar, practice holding onto a very heavy bar.

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            Try some Forearm excercises....try alternate grips with the bar - one hand facing towards you and the other hand facing away from you...It helps out a bit...but if you continue these types of excercises eventually your forearms will grow stronger...
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              sorry I've been late in replying.

              yes, I wear gloves and straps. The lifting straps are the kind you wrap around the bar and grip they still require some kind of grip to operate.

              I already use the different grips mentioned.

              I think I will be incorporating the forearm / wrist curls in place of the reverse grip cable curl, and a variation for my third forearm exercise, and keep the hammer curls in.

              In the meantime, I will have to soldier on with those other exercises, maybe I should get wrist hooks ?


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                monkeyd, Do not drop Reverse Cable Curls, they are one of the best Forearm builders out there.

                Try Pinwheels, Reverse Cable Curls and Hammer Curls...
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                  In-Human, it's not like I have much choice here bro, if I can't go brutally heavy I don't want to waste my time.

                  I don't even approach fatigure on light-medium weights before my grip lets me down. If I grip with my thumb will damage my thumb joint, if I put the thumb on top as I grip, the bar will slip out.

                  The only way would be to use normal grip, and that won't target the forearms as much anymore.

                  Pinwheels, if I understand them correctly should be ok, as are hammer curls (pinwheel is holding a db, rotating at the elbow from across your chest to vertical right ?)

                  I might be able to do reverse curls with db actually. The motion of the cable curl makes it harder to keep the grip (probably the constant force it exerts regardless of angle).


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                    monkeyd, Yes the Pinwheels are the way you just described.

                    Ok now wait, if the Reverse Cables are hard to do, well then, do them and your hand strength will increase!, start off with a low weight, noone can go heavy on these anyway, Forearm exercises you cannot go heavy its not possible with perfect form.

                    Trust me you start off light and you may have to do 20 reps then so be it, do each negative in a 6 second manner...
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                      hey monkey try losing the gloves,, it seems wierd but i had the same trouble with grip,, when i use straps and gloves my grip gives out easily because of the heavy padding on the gloves,,, try it out just a thought ,, also give what in human wrote a bump
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                        mobsta, you might very well be right there. I had the same thought but didn't want to remove my gloves mid set to find out. I will definitely try that out.

                        In-human, ok I will keep them in for one more session to see if my grip can withstand the lower weight higher rep scheme.

                        btw, with pinwheels, when you start, is your palm facing down or towards your chest? Do you rotate your wrist at all during the movement ?



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                          monkeyd, You will keep your palm facing your stomach the whole movement on those Pinwheels, you stick with these and I promise you your hand strength will increase and don't forget all the Back Thickness exercises will also make your grip strong as hell...
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