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  • Confused on DC Training

    Ok on my workout #2 with the quads and hams....

    First question: What are the exercizes that I should be doing. On one workout I'll do squats then on the other leg extensions and on the third rotation leg press or do I just do squats or how the hell does this work???

    Second question: am I always doing 20 reps straight through or am i rest pausing on some leg exercizes or how does that work?

    Thanks in advance--help!


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    ok, you are saying that you want to do these 3 exercises for quads: squats, leg extension, leg press. my reccomendation is to change that leg extension to a compound exercise.

    for hamstrings you just pick 3 exercises just like you did for quads. ex: sldl, leg curls, ham press.

    rest pausing depends on the exercise: we do not rest pause on squat, leg press, deadlift movements, and bb rows (in other words - we don't rest pause for most back thickness exercises or quad exercises) for the sake of preventing injury and they allow enough weight that rest pausing really isn't needed.

    here you would rest pause the leg curls in a 20-30 rp range. for squats and leg presses, it is a heavy 4-8, then a 20 repper. if your leg grow really easy, skip the 20 repper and do another heavy set in somewhere around an 8-12 rep range. they are straight sets. if you like you can do the 20 repper on the smith machine even if your 4-8 is w/ free weights.

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