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Waiting for your partner to finish DC sets

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  • Waiting for your partner to finish DC sets

    When you're workin DC program w/ a partner, does it normally take long for them to finish their working set, static hold and then stretches before you get into your set?

    I might be confused but after working sets and stretches, I'm usually cold when I get into my working set. Are you suppose to just spot on the working set and then get into your set when your partner is stretching out?

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    raylewis, It depends on the weights you can handle and no forced reps here, I like to let my partner go first, I have a little more strength than him, and I only help with the Tricep stretch, I do not want him or me to drop the DB on the floor and damage it.

    With all the damn warm up sets I see myself often into 3+ hour workouts...
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      I do the same-- i let my partner go thru all the warmup sets--then i do mine--then partner does work rest pause set and then i do mine after him--while im doing my work rest pause set my partner is then on the next exercise warming up (unless i need a spot on what im doing)
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