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burning up after a meal

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  • burning up after a meal

    I only seem to get the sweats after P+C meals, even though things like olive oil are thermogenic (I thought).

    Does this say anything about my body's preferred mechanisms? i.e. that I should be eating mainly carbs and only moderate to low fats in general ?

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    it's the protein and green tea (if you drink it) that will raise your body temp and give you the sweats..

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    Note: i'm not an expert, but i'm probably right.

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      yeah, I drink maybe 4 - 5 cups a day (2 bags per cup).

      I've logged what I've eaten for months now, but I am making some changes for this program, so we'll see how it goes.


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        It doesn't matter w/ me anymore. i sweat so damn bad it makes me stay home most of the time instead of going out. I sweat and sweat and sweat more.

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